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Normal Happenstance

A comic about various occurrences in different worlds.

Will probably update weekly?

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This isn't even really a proper comic for NH. I just needed to post something to talk a bit here, and otherwise this comic probably wouldn't have been on this site at all.

So anyway: it's probably obvious by now that I've been entirely failing to get Normal Happenstance going. And I think the thing is... what I really intended for this wasn't so much about the story itself, but rather just seeing how things were in the present day for both universes, after both The Extreme Team and Kirby's Dreamland Adventures. The latter's probably more notable, given exactly how much I have planned for the future of that comic and how far in the past it currently takes place...

In retrospect, this kind of aftermath preview thing would actually have been better suited to something like one of those character ask blogs you see on Tumblr. Not necessarily having ongoing story, but just taking questions as to how things have turned out.

However, I can't exactly just put up an actual Tumblr thing for this, because the whole exact variant of the settings are tied to the context of my comics here. It'd be too hard to get into explaining otherwise. So what's the alternative? ...I'm really not sure.

So, on this anniversary of this whole thing, I'm asking reading this for their input. What should I do with this?
October 31st, 2015
October 31st, 2015
So yeah.

You might notice that this page is drawn, as opposed to the previous page which was done with vectors. This sort of way is what I was planning from the start, and I'll hopefully keep that up. Those art contests have really helped me get the hang of my tablet.

The only real issue I ended up running into was that I can't really find an option in Photoshop Elements 8 for ellipses that have borders, which created issues when I wanted to wrap things up and get the speech bubbles done. This look is hopefully temporary, I want to have them properly bordered going forward.

Oh yeah, and stuff happens in these two universes I guess. Specifically, Batamon is apparently still a jerk.
October 17th, 2015
October 16th, 2015
So I've started working on the next page for this thing finally, and was planning to have it done for today (sine it's been exactly six months sine the first page).

Unfortunately, I didn't think it wold be done in time, so here's a filler. It'll be deleted later.
July 13th, 2015
Yeeaahh new CLY comic
This is perhaps a disappointing beginning.
Oh hey, it's a new comic of some type!

Of what type? That's to be seen later. And for me to finish working out, as I admittedly kind of jumped the gun on launching this so early.

Probably gonna be weekly updates? Probably.