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The hilarious adventures from a hobo named Billy

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billy what you doin
perspective is hard
oh man i really need to be more organized. life has been insane.
thoughtiwasdone NOPE here's another update
metal weirdo100
August 17th, 2015
Trying to keep updating. Really hard when no one is following the comic. Oh well
Late omg sorry sorry




Here we have a made up town in a made up county and in made up....everything.

And thus the story begins!
Dork mcdorkingson that is him
This page was soo fun to draw, I tell you whuet.
Alright the start of Tik-Tok, the hilarious adventures of the red-haired hobo named Billy.

I wanted to try a more grey-style kind of thing with this but might change if it doesn't look good.