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by Inyuji
Beeswhacks is a semi-real autobiography of my life before and after college, and a few bits of my first year of teaching.
Only difference, everyone in the world is a bee.
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3 Years Ago
Beeswhacks is a semi-real autobiography of my life before and after college, and a few bits of my first year of teaching.
Only difference, everyone in the world is a bee.


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This is it. After seeing the staggering difference between the interest in Blue Fire and this comic, I decided to end this comic. It's clear that there's little interest in this comic. I'd rather concentrate all energy into Blue Fire and other small projects. It seemed like a chore, just to make a beeswhacks comic every other week. Blue Fire is proving to be more time-consuming, so I'd rather focus on that. But to those who had been reading, thank you. And I hope that you'll find interest in Blue Fire, which is hosted on Tapastic.
True story. This happened maybe 2 weeks ago? My brother went with my dad, to help clear out the messy jungle in my uncle's backyard. While raking, he came upon this frog. Clearly this frog was gangster and didn't flinch one bit. He could have smashed it with his rake, right? Well...that would be messy, and he didn't want to deal with the bloody goop of frog.
True story. Happened last week, also. Brother was drawing, but told me to turn to pause whatever video I was watching. He thought he heard the bell of the icecream truck. At first there wasn't any. But then he listened again. Sure enough, the familiar melody strolled in. The instant he heard it, he bolted out of my room. BOLTED! I couldn't help but laugh and run after him to get some icecream. The way he bolted out of the room and outside was too hilarious to forget. XD
May 22nd, 2016
That was literally the first thing that came up in my mind when my boss showed me where the "shredder" key was.
So this was based on a comment my brother made. He notes how I'm pretty useless in the kitchen, and I can't argue that. He's mainly the one mom calls for to help. His comment was "Fallout" related. He phrased that I put all my skill points into art, but nothing else. So I'm practically screwed. He's not wrong, honestly. But really, I'm pretty proud of him. He's a lot better off with taking care of the house and cooking for himself. He's probably more closer to a functioning adult than I am. I don't know jack, but drawing, hehe.
It's true. I racked up my credit card bill by overspending on Disney Tsum Tsums. And this is pretty much how my brother reacted. Despite the exaggerations, that is exactly how he reacted. Lesson? Mobile games are NOT worth your money. NEVER. (unless there's a discount sale on rubies) The reason for overspending on rubies: at that time, they were promoting the release of the Zootopia Tsums, and there was a high chance of winning those in the premium boxes, during that time.
April 10th, 2016
True story. But I missed some parts. Apparently, my brother wasn't wearing any shirt at that time. So when the door bell rang, he grabbed whatever jacket he could and answered the door. It's been a long time since this happened. He was more concerned about what was inside the cup, rather than how the neighbors would see it. And I've got to say, I don't know what that kid was thinking.
More smut about my horrible sleeping habits.
This DID happen to me a few years ago, on the final year of college. This was for student-teaching. We were told to go to this meeting, but it seemed pretty pointless. My colleague literally said that she wished that she could just fall asleep easily when something boring was on. That's not a "superpower" you want to have.
This was definitely real. Few weeks ago, this happened. Our store ships packages, as well as pack and the occasional printing jobs. Now a few packages shipped through us, returned to the store. The reasons were mainly because the shipping address provided was incorrect. Or if the no one was able to sign for the package after multiple attempts. We contact the senders, but they either didn't get our voice message or forgot. So after months, we actually try calling. They respond and most came to reclaim those returned packages. And of course, the rest is explained in the comic. Regardless of how slightly disturbing it was, we all had a good laugh. Me especially. Just the idea of what had occurred, was too funny.
February 14th, 2016
Happened to me 2 weeks ago. I was rearranging the smaller parcels in the small bin, so there would be room for more. And THIS happens. And there was no actual ice. The ice hanging from the colder parts of the mini-fridge don't count. I didn't feel like chipping away at those icicles.
This story is legit true. Happened last Sunday. Brother and I were shopping for a small present for our youngest brother's birthday. He got a snack at the indoor McDonalds, and THIS happened.
This really did happen. I still don't get the logic behind it. I couldn't stay peeved at that. Kids still piss me off, but you got to give em props when they make the occasional giggle.
@Woodclaw: Really? Well, for once that "just updated" tab actually helped me. I'm usually drowned out amongst everyone else, since most updates are given possibly 10 minutes, and then move along.
Really glad that my "cute" cover caught your appeal ^^
@Woodclaw: Thank you so much ^^
If I may ask, how did you stumble upon my bee comics?
Nothing to kick off the new year by getting sick. Yep, that's I'm feeling like right now. Since it's the year of the monkey, here's a screaming monkey as well. Am I ready for the new year? Nope, not quite. But bring it on, either way.
December 20th, 2015
Based on true experience. Been a while so the details of event aren't quite accurate. But I definitely knew that a crappy box was involved. And she flipped over $30 (somewhere around that total amount). And my mind in always in a dark place when this happens and I try not to let that become a reality.
I kid you not, we LEGIT thought the restaurant's name was "Stoney's." It was still a decent place. My brother wished the quantity was more for its buck (he eats more than I).
Yep, this happened last Saturday while I was livestreaming. My brother was playing some civilizatiion sim game on his laptop. But of course, THIS happened. No joke, witnessed exactly what had happened.
November 8th, 2015
Based on a true experience I had one Saturday, with a rather angry customer. This happened maybe a few months ago. He DID want that little thing packed, later on. But that was all he wanted, since he didn't want to "freight" his frame.