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Radikak is a xenoarchaeologist, a scholar who studies alien cultures from other planets. When his colleague finds a secret that lands him into trouble with a secret organization, Radikak begins to pursues it in his place.

What they find may be the end of all life as they know it. Not just for themselves, but for the whole arm of the galaxy.

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One day I'll be better at not slacking off.
I'm going to delve more into these two characters and specifically Radikak's past. The chapter title refers to a childhood friend of his.
Last page of chapter 2! Then we move on to working on chapter 3...
Sorry I'm being slow :P Almost done with chapter 2!
Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! Things have been REALLY hectic, and I've been getting ready to move again after I just did move! So much moving!
Got my butt in gear. I changed up some stuff, so I was going through a small rewrite.
Got a new tablet, so I've been getting used to it. Work flow is much easier though.
Busy Busy Busy
I've been working a lot of overtime, I do apologize for how late things have been. So here's this page in color to make up for it.
@GreenRaptorStudios: Yeah, I'm trying to work on different angles.

This is the first time I've really sat down and drawn a comic in panels so I'm still learning a lot.

But the input is definitely appreciated :D

Also, sorry it took a bit to reply, your comment got lost in my spam folder in my email.
Sorry it's a few hours late, just picked up Mom from the airport!

I may have also playing WoW to get my tomes for my ring but you didn't see that last part.

Raiding is hard.
These first few pages establish a rather interesting concept, a fictional world with it's own original culture. My only gripe so far is some of your shots are such close up I can't tell what's going on (like that file removed panel on page 2)
Chapter 2 has started!
WHOO! Chapter two is officially on a roll now!