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A horror comic about a miserable man whose life becomes entangled with the Madgod's cult, and all falls apart.


Recent Comments

February 28th, 2019
As of this update, fetish will begin updating once a week on Fridays AEST (Thurs. for you Americans).
Yeet (Guest)
February 25th, 2019
That is one creepy-ass bird
February 24th, 2019
Wow, this took a while to upload because I saved it too big without realising. When archiving pages, this one became lost and I only just noticed it was missing... oop.
January 15th, 2019
Back uploading this because I realised I accidentally never uploaded this.
Tori (Guest)
March 22nd, 2016
that's so NEAT
September 23rd, 2015
Wow...this art style is really interesting! Going back to read this from the beginning! A comic with artwork this nice must be real good!:)
CSquare (Guest)
September 16th, 2015
!!!! welcome back, and with pretty colors
CSquare (Guest)
August 8th, 2015
oh that's cool looking, and very concerning

what kind of god are we dealing with here
July 29th, 2015
oh my godddd this is so gorgeous. I thought i oughtta say that this comic's art and atmosphere is just amazing and I'm in love with everything about it!
CSquare (Guest)
July 28th, 2015
I'm laughing
July 10th, 2015
That awkward moment
when two friends are alone and lost in the woods together, and then one smashes the other into the ground for being a derp.
July 10th, 2015
ONLY the manliest of men...
Use L'Oreal: for that luscious sheen. Where your hair literally breaths. :D
What's a little madness in exchange for locks like those?
July 5th, 2015
Whoa, this guy needs some sleep. And I wonder why he seemed better rested later when he is with the talking mask?
Wonderful story! Can't wait to find out what happens :D
July 5th, 2015
heheee calm down XD
And loving the new banner~
June 29th, 2015
hope you're feeling better <3
June 18th, 2015
<33 I-I like this page *stares into fire
May 21st, 2015
I just found this now and I love it! Different, pop and interesting! I love your stark lines and your character designs! <3
May 5th, 2015
this comic is badass :) can't wait for more