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Like the name says, it's GIMP tutorials for comics. ^^

I'll teach you how to resize images, add text, work with layers and more!

Recent Comments

A good start but not exactly what I needed… I did several grids with different sizes and offsets to make it variable then blurred it once and used the shear tool to angle it to what I wanted.
Simple lines
Is it possible to have a tutorial on how to draw directly? I'm trying to make a comic. xD
Good tut. not exacly what i needed tho :( how do we make the othe tipe of speed lines? like the ones in circles u know the ones they use in action scenes? <.< i suck in explaining things and my english is awful
Very nice tutorial
That's SO useful

When I wanna make a comic next I'm coming back here and referring to this
September 4th, 2010
thanks for making this "comic!!" but please make more tuts! maybe one on how to make a comic black and white colors?
Thank you!!
Thanks SO much for this tut!
now i can have fancy-shmancy speech bubbles!! :D
Thanks a lot for this tutorial! It has been really helpful. Specially the bubble-chat stroke! =P
I just downloaded GIMP and tried my hand at digital coloring for the first time tonight. This tutorial helped a TON. Thanks for making this available!
re: yoshigirl, I was following this tutorial with my own scanned sketch, but from pencil it was difficult to select contiguous regions. Anyway I did Colours>threshold to reduce to two colours, then select by colour the black, then edit>stroke selection to clean up and reinforce the lineart. I then used the paintbrush to close any areas I wanted to colour seperately, gl
Yay, I use GIMP, it be handy for those light effects and making stuff look all shiny.
Yay! I luv this picture. I actually have the colored one set on my background.
...who is Greta? o.0
Greta, this tutorial is just what i need!......if i had gimp :P...
August 28th, 2007
Check out my webmanga, Shuffle!!
Wow this tutorial will really help me! < 33 Thanks! ^^
I ink by hand; I know how to ink with GIMP, but I'm not good at it.
Yoshgirl: You actually don't do that ^^; I could do line art tutorial if anyone wants to ...

PLUS THANK YOU X3 Much needed ^^
July 25th, 2007
do you ink in GIMP or by hand?
July 25th, 2007
Did I mention I love you? You make all this so easy!!!