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An android hears a desperate signal and finds herself struggling to survive in a horrific serial killer mystery.

Recommended for Mature Readers due to strong language, nudity, graphic violence and robotic gore

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think fast!
that was a close shave!
should've picked "right"...
June 20th, 2016
"Left! Left!" cry the children.
Quick time events!
No one ever suspects a quick time event. Especially in a comic! One of the many reasons I made this comic was as an indirect homage to all the kinds of horror games I love. One aspect of the games I love was their quick time events that led to a good or BAD ending. It's kiiiinda like a 'choose-your-own-adventure' but in this case (and because i'm not good at separate page links) the next page will ALWAYS show the BAD ENDING ROUTE. Some maybe gruesome or disturbing so please be advised. otherwise choose and answer and stay tuned to see if you were right!
I do love those exclamation points they always did up in shonen jump :y
A Plasma knife is a special blade that uses radiating heat and energy to create a plasma shielding around it's edges. The shielding can generate plasma energy to easily burn through complex plastics and/or hard metal substances like carbon steel. Plasma knives are usually utilized in welding, mining and in manufacturing factories.
Here we go!
And comic updates will resume from here on fridays! Thank you again for being patient!
@Konnichibot: Deep
@AnnaTuxedocat: with all the advancements in the AI of robotics (in the comic) nobody really considers the possibilities of robot thought and emotion when they become sentient. All living things experience fear, sadness, anger. We're only aware of humans possessing complex though like doubt, reassurance, and internal struggle. But if robots are truly made with complex minds to succeed humans' own capabilities, are they prone to their same problems? Do they experience internal conflict with morality? Do they experience fear when their lives are in danger, because they too fear death? I think they would.
September 27th, 2015
*steps over mystery corpse*
Saya (Guest)
September 21st, 2015
I just re-stumbled on this comic a while back after following you on Deviant Art. I'm very excited to see it coming back, and I can't wait to see where it goes. ^.^
September 20th, 2015
All androids use a special "Black oil" that holds energons, lubrication for joints and fuel circulation throughout an android's body, just like blood!
September 6th, 2015
Happy labor day!
Hope yours is off to a better start than jeane's 😓
Chapter 2 starts here!
Updates will regularly be on mondays!
Let's go have some fun uvu
And the last of the info pages is here,and thus ends the intermission! See you in a few days for chapter 2!
And here's the second Info page which has all your basic facts about Plated Android's like Jeane's model!
Keep in mind that in this comic all androids no matter the model, are manufactured and designed from all over the world. Androids come in all nationalities, all ethnicities and all genders including non-binary.

Last up before chapter 2 is the info on the most expensive and high tech androids, Fiber-Muscle models!!