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Servant & Lord



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Hope (Guest)
December 18th, 2018
@llostmanga: Im so excited! i might buy one! do you have any tip on finding a publisher?
Sniff Snarf
*Sniff Snarf* do I smell angst?
September 1st, 2018
@Lee-Loo: TokyoPop is releasing it in English in print in January 2019
@llostmanga: R u gonna put the whole story up or is this it
February 15th, 2018
@llostmanga: Please let us know if it gets published in English... Thanks! <3
February 12th, 2018
@llostmanga: Congrats! Do you think you will ever translate in English? Iā€™d love to buy the comic, but my German is not that great... šŸ˜…
February 10th, 2018
@YaoiGirl09: Thank you ^^
February 9th, 2018
Already, thank you
February 9th, 2018
Congratulations that's awesome!!!!!
February 9th, 2018
The book "Servant & Lord" has been released in German!
@dear2me: that's what I read on tapas
@Jack the cat: ??? Why would you say something like that? šŸ˜”
I hope you update again when the comic comes out and I'm very excited for your new project, your work is beautiful!
This manga has been licensed by publisher. Printed release will be in march 2018.
i like to see read more next chapter 28 to up? Big Smilez
Will there be more on this?? O.O I really hope so o.o
IM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS!!!!! I can't wait for more pages x3 I'm extremely jelly of how beautiful u can draw! KEEP GOING!!<3