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Chronicles of the Maverick Hunters - Destiny Ascendant

by MasterTalon
It is the year 26XX, the world cries out for a hero to save them....

A Mega Man based sprite comic set in a dark future where nothing is as it seems.
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4 Years Ago
It is the year 26XX, the world cries out for a hero to save them....

A Mega Man based sprite comic set in a dark future where nothing is as it seems.

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September 18th, 2015
I give 'em a week tops.
August 30th, 2015
So now Zero has been given a weapon in which he will use to bring peace to the world! WEAPON GET! *guitar riff!*
The laws set down in the era of ZX has helped to bring about a new era of enlightenment and peace for the world... Until the Sons of Light appeared. Their cause is to overthrow the shackles of humanity's limiting of their existence. They see the humans as jealous of their potential and seek to limit them via expiration laws that limit their lives, so they live as long as humans now. They will not stand for such insolence from their inferiors.
Fifty years and nothing changes? Pretty standard for a Mega Man story. >_>
So the villains have been named... Who are they? What do they want? And who is this Sol? Stay tuned!
So Arsis introduces the rest of the team to Zero. All gave an important part to help bring Zero back. So now that they're all named, they're all a really cool bunch who's going to be around to help save the world!
So Zero agrees to help. After all, a world needs order to function. Without order, there is only chaos...
So the humans have their doubts...what will Zero answer to their concerns?
Just because you have a crazy voice in your head doesn't mean you should ignore it. They have a way of causing trouble later on...
Always something to be said about a voice in your head...
The ghost appears to our hero. But Zero isn't fooled by this ghostly figure. He knows who really built him, and won't be swayed by the cybernetic ghostly duplicate.
@MasterTalon: Yes, especially when it's my dark alternate personality. (This is kind of a spoilers for my comic and upcoming project, but meh, who cares?)
Funny enough that is NA's doing.
Abbarants were still called Irregulars in Rockman Dash.
July 26th, 2015
@MasterTalon: Isn't that Sigma's text box?
Zero looks more like Omega than... I retract that statement and await for these events to unfold.

Zero still looks more like Omega.
I see...!
Lets follow N's adventures as Omega.

So then this guy shows up...
Don't you hate it when you're thinking things over and then someone yells at you?
300 years can be a shock, and you need a moment. I know I would.
So the humans revived Zero in the hopes to unify the world against the new threat...and it's been nearly three centuries since Zero's last battle.

Rough awakening indeed.