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Monster girls on tour

An absurd humor webcomic about Monster girls and geek culture.

K'sara is a proud salamander warrior who travels the land with a weird winged girl and a couple of panda ants, looking for new monster girl types in an absurd serie of strips making references to videogames and geek culture.

Recent Comments

One of the most important factors in sexual attractiveness, specially for women, is the smell; a regular person with the right smell can be more successfull than an attractive one, tough sexual attractiveness is a more complicated issue than that. So, obviously, a succubus would have not only the looks, but also she would smell in a way it would make people crazy for her.
I think it took like half a year for this to become true xD
We are back to regular timeline
You’ll have to imagine the rest of the journey. Enought of flashback!
Now you know why Lizard is willing to go to such lengths to kill K’sara. It pleases me to see that people fell for the trick and thought that the small salamander was K’sara xD. You should know by know this comic play with these obvious predictable stereotypes :D.
In case you don’t remember, D’Zaitan’s symbiosis basically ignored armor on direct hit. And my computer is back.
My computer was broken in the weekend so i couldn't upload new page.
And at that moment, D’Gorgia knew, she fucked up
Probably both sides would be death if not for their protection.
November 13th, 2018
You could think this was an easy page cause it has only 3 panels. you would be wrong.
By blood of course she means Leviazan blood, but nobody knows that at that point, where the legendary beast has just first appeared.
I’ve kinda been laughing a little whenever readers felt sure about Dragon superiority in this fight.
Fighting to the death doesn’t mean you can’t be civil about it
We already saw in the fight with K’sara that Dragon wasn’t too skilled on hand to hand combat.
It’s no like there was much hope for her in the first place.
Will we have a D’Tunguska vs Dragon? who knows; ask who. Remember you can read an advanced page in my patreon
I hope people remember what D’Zaitan’s symbiosis does; it was just a few pages ago.
I hope people finally understand how the rooms are in this building; i spent too many panels to show it.
Everyone's a weakling for her.
This was something that was barely mentioned in Guild adventure as a detail, but will be relevant in this story.