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Monster girls on tour

An absurd humor webcomic about Monster girls and geek culture.

K'sara is a proud salamander warrior who travels the land with a weird winged girl and a couple of panda ants, looking for new monster girl types in an absurd serie of strips making references to videogames and geek culture.

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The Keraken reference is there for those who have read my other comic Guild adventure ( ), but it’s not necesary to know about it. For those who don’t know, the Keraken armor is used by two of Ga’s protagonists, and has the advantage of an insane physical resistance while retaining mobility, but at the cost of having no elemental resistance; which is more relevant than it seems.
I added to my site a drawing of Mothoko done by BirdPaladin
For some reason i'm getting blocked sometimes from entering the site. I've sent an email to support but don't find weird if i suddenly dissapear for a while.
I’ll have soon to begin drawing the Special Halloween adventure of this year, and i still don’t know what costume half the girls will wear. it’s complicated when they’re already monsters. K’sara will go as a communist since Europa tells her to go as “the scariest thing you can think of”, but most of the others i don’t know yet. If you have any interesting idea i could apply them.
Dragon: Wow, so brave
Lamia: Sorry, she’s an idiot
Out of curiosity i did a political compass test for K’sara and Europa. Also this page contains a cameo of a character from one of the winners of my fanart contest.
Dragon would basically be the party's Tank
Everytime a character in anime does a super strong attack, that surely have destroyed the target, and a cloud of dirt formes, it means the target is unharmed. Or will she not?
By the way, i guess english readers are pronouncing her name in the same way as “Monika”; like “MOnuca”; but actually the name has the acentuation on “moNUca”.
Monuca’s hate is directed towards women, and young ones more specifically, but in order to make the trick work i made the statements about her more neutral. After all she would also kill men who tried to stop her.
Well, i guess this would have been more surprising if i hadn’t made the mistake to publish Monuca’s drawing 5 months ago, which gave clues about her muderous side. At that time my idea for the flashback chapter had some differences, and it wasn’t a secret that Monuca was the murderer; it was only later that i thought it could be an interesting idea to try to trick readers into thinking the murderer was Dragon, using some word tricks and confusions. Some people were tricked, others not so much, but at least it created a disscussion about who the murderer could be, among the characters in the comic. This by the way isn’t the first time i’ve done this, though the revelation of when i’ve done it in some case will come at a future date. If anything, you now know you can’t trust everything in this comic to be what it seems at first glance XD

You can check my website for all of the pinups and such i do
Here are the winners of the fanart contest
It’s your last chance to participate in the anual fanart contests; entry time ends the 31 /
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It wasn’t love at first sight, thats for sure.

Remember to participate in the 3rd anniversary fanart contest. /
Remember to participate in the 3rd anniversary fanart contest. /
Some habits date from way back. Remember to participate in the 3rd anniversary fanart contest. /
Dragon was not too much different 12 years ago, considering she already was 36 years old and reptile types age slower. Remember to participate in the 3rd anniversary fanart contest. /