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Monster girls on tour

An absurd humor webcomic about Monster girls and geek culture.

K'sara is a proud salamander warrior who travels the land with a weird winged girl and a couple of panda ants, looking for new monster girl types in an absurd serie of strips making references to videogames and geek culture.

Recent Comments

No, before you ask, they're not a couple
It has been a long time since i last drew that armors, and they’re as hard tod raw as ever XD. For those who only read Monster girls on tour; Reika and Leika were the protagonists of my old comic Guild adventure, set in the same world as MGoT and sharing some key events.
Some people just wanna se the world burn.
You may remember them from other appereances like “slaughtering monster girls”
I'm out in a convention so this is auto upload
Old Potoka tavern, it was milennia since i last drew that. I also did a drawing of Reika.
Before you ask if they could’ve used this in Guild adventure; (spoilers) this can be used to treat an essence defincency, but only when you have low essence to help you slowly grow it back, like for example after K’sara’s last fight in Ga or this one. In the case of Europa, she went past her limits using every drop of essence she had and more. Plus K’sara doesn’t know about this XD.
This one hadn’t change so much after all.
Remember that they met more than a decade ago for just a few minutes, it’s normal he doesn’t recognize her with those changes.
In this comic, sometimes even the protagonist wins. Or “wins”.
And the battle comes to an end, so it seems.
Since when has shonen cared about the limits of an ability?
Maybe hitting the same spot will work.
Technically all of this happens in split seconds, since she’s using Spizfair.
The legendary technique both for defense and offense.
Dragon had the armor of a tank, but D’zaitan has the resilence of a nokia.
Maybe one of the two has more info than the other.
I think that’s your first D’zaitan panty shot
Spinning drilling hiper mega kick