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Monster girls on tour

An absurd humor webcomic about Monster girls and geek culture.

K'sara is a proud salamander warrior who travels the land with a weird winged girl and a couple of panda ants, looking for new monster girl types in an absurd serie of strips making references to videogames and geek culture.

Recent Comments

A cameo of an old character from Guild adventure, my old comic in the same setting

I also did a new general cover for the comic, i'll update it in a few days
But will it be? :D. Funniest part of these pages for me is that when there are only salamanders in the page it looks like if they have normal sizes and K’sara is actually small XD
Obviously they were gonna participate.

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The dumbest part about this is that if you go back to the Prologue chapter you’ll realize they do know her. They’re just stupid.
Guild adventure readers already know about this tournament.
A comic about K’sara and D’Zaitan surviving D’Tunguska’s training would be an adventure on its own right.
D’Tunguska hasn’t changed cause there wasn’t really much to change. She already had the top equipment possible, and is old enough that a decade will not matter.

Remember i do other comics and Monster girls drawings in my website and patreon
Indeed, that’s how salamanders greet each other.
You’re gonna notice a small change of pace in the comic. So far i’ve tried to compress as much as i could in the smallest number of pages; i was introducing characters and their journeys and there were so many of them that i tried to make it as fast as it was sensible possible. Now characters are presented, their journeys are set, and the story can go forward. So i don’t have anymore the need to go fast and make things with a more normal pace. Of course, pages will still be in Webcomic format; all pages will have something worthwile, be it jokes, a punchline, relevant information or a cliffhanger, but they’ll have a more careful work on the panel structure.
Chapter 6 begins. K’sara has met D’Zaitan at the workshop in Potoka village, what will happen?
March 12th, 2019
Some of the characters have very similar sizes so they could really be exchanged in position. I only did the more relevant characters.
@Hero of Comedy: Most likelly
Seems someone else is getting raped tonight
There was doggy, and a lot more poses involving other animals. This is the end of the chapter; next there will be a Q&A page and next chapter will begin.
Not all incompletes get in heat though; mostly the mammals and a few others. Other incompletes are like humans or salamanders.
And now we introduce the monster winner of this year Monster design contest.
Harpy’s greatest foe: a fan.
@Hero of Comedy: For some stuff XD
Aww, Anubis is a shy one.