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Monster girls on tour

An absurd humor webcomic about Monster girls and geek culture.

K'sara is a proud salamander warrior who travels the land with a weird winged girl and a couple of panda ants, looking for new monster girl types in an absurd serie of strips making references to videogames and geek culture.

Recent Comments

I’ve also uploaded a timeline of events combining what happened at Guild adventure, don’t read it unless you’ve read Ga or you’ll be spoiled.

For those who don't know, Guild adventure is an already finished comic in the same setting that i did years ago. It's not complete in this site you would have to read it in my website
It wasn't much time but i didn't want people to forget about these two XD
I can asure it doesn’t.
The power of a stupid command.
Now this is a character who haven’t appear in a long time.
I sure wasn’t gonna draw all that shit a third time just for Herensuge.
Not yet my friends!
Backlights of doom
September 18th, 2019
@MercenaryX: Yeah, it's typical Judo or Aikido move
September 18th, 2019
@Guildadventure: I take martial arts and that is something I've seen one of the masters do. I've seen it in several of the forms as well.
September 17th, 2019
She’s certainly no weakling.
Someone is suddenly very sure of herself.
One could say one of the advantages of focusing on strenght is that you don’t focus on race.
@Hero of Comedy: I think it's solved now
image not available
When you manage to make K’sara self conscious XD
September 3rd, 2019
She finally touched a sensitive subject
When even K’sara finds it obvious.
Admit it, you all thought of that answer
No, before you ask, they're not a couple