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Misc Fits

Misc Fits

by SammyBorras
Slice of life short stories about misfit college friends
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4 Years Ago

Misc Fits

Slice of life short stories about misfit college friends

Recent Comments

Thanks for following the comic this year! Misc Fits will be back in 2016 with new short stories! I can’t wait to make more comics with these characters :)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year!

Please don't forget I have another webcomic called Giant Rhinos In Space which is currently updating weekly :) - next update will be at 12noon on Tuesday 29th December <br><br>Misc Fits: The Sea Apple and character badge sets are available through my Etsy shop

This week I booked some more conventions tables in the early spring - see you there?! :)
<li>True Believers Comic Festival - 6th February 2016</li><li>Midlands MCM Comic Con - 13th February 2016</li><li>Liverpool MCM Comic Con - 12th-13th March 2016<br></li><li>Birmingham Comics Festival - 23rd April 2016</li></ul>

(I'm hoping to have a table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con 19th-20th March at the NEC)

Please don't forget I'm compiling a Grimes Art Angles Fanzine which will be printed in time to take to Cheltenham - submission information here!

Thanks! Sammy
Thanks for reading these extra Behind The Scenes comics, I hope they have been helpful.

Misc Fits will now go on break until next year while I work on Giant Rhinos In Space #4. The comic will be launching online this Friday! updates will be at 12noon GMT on Tuesday/Fridays! bookmark a webcomic host site:
<ul><li></li>< li> </li><li></li&g t;</ul>
You can also get updates through my Twitter account @ sammyborras and the Giant Rhinos In Space Facebook page</p><p>Thank you very much to everyone who came by my table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con, it was great to see familiar faces and meet new people - I had a lovely time with my table neighbours Ryuuza, Fat Fairy, Neil Slorance and An Android Awakes. Thanks to my sister Lisa for sitting behind the table for a bit.

MCM was the last convention of the year and I'm looking forward to focusing on finishing comic pages over the winter months. Most events I'm planning to attend in the spring are unconfirmed, but the first show of the year will be True Believers Comic Festival on Saturday 6th February 2016 at Cheltenham Racecourse. Don't forget I’ll be launching the Grimes Art Angels Fanzine at that event - submission information here!

I make sure to keep a up to date list of confirmed events on the webcomic homepage. I also have an Etsy shop (includes international shipping).

Thanks again for a wonderful con season!
Thanks for reading again this week! Next update will be at 12noon GMT on Wednesday 25th November 2015

Oh! and if you're interested I use a small Wacom Bamboo tablet and Photoshop CS5

Thank you so much to everyone at Thought Bubble this weekend! I had such a awesome time in the Royal Armouries Hall with my table neighbours A Little Lost Caterpillar, Ink and Booze, Paddy Johnston & Samuel C Williams.

Special thank you to Charlotte from Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham for watching my table so I could visit the other halls and pick up some beautiful comics!

The last convention of the year will be Birmingham MCM Comic Con this weekend! You'll be able to find table CG4 in the Comic Village section of the hall. I will be taking all my comics, zines and merchandise along with a folder of original drawings. Please come and say hi and pick up a FREE MINI COMIC!

Earlier today I announced a Grimes Fanzine with open submissions! Please visit for more information!
Thanks for reading this week! Inking is one of my favourite parts of the process

Thought Bubble is coming up this weekend! I'm sharing table 59 in the Royal Armouries with A Little Lost Caterpillar!

Please come by and say hello! I will have Misc Fits: The Sea Apple in bright full colour print and new character badge sets. There will be lots of other comics to choose from, including limited copies of The Hallowzine and Radio On Broadcast #2! Also Giant Rhinos In Space merchandise including drumsticks, plectrums and stickers.

I will have FREE MINI COMICS! If I'm busy or forget to hand you one, just casually ask me for a business card and you'll get a comic
instead. :)

Don’t forget that One Beat Zines new anthology Identity is launching this weekend - table 153 in New Dock Hall. Andy Oliver from Broken Frontier has posted a great in depth review of the Identity anthology. You can read it here! (pr eorder here if you can’t make it to Leeds)

Thanks and hopefully I'll see you there!
Thanks for reading these behind the scenes comics! I hope they're interesting to read (I love seeing other peoples work process)

I printed some new Misc Fits badge sets - they are already available to order through my Etsy shop!

Don't forget you can pick up a print copy of The Sea Apple or the new badges at Thought Bubble - I'll be sharing table 59 in the Royal Armouries Hall with A Little Lost Caterpillar! The week after I'l have a full table in the Comic Village at Birmingham MCM Comic Con - Please come by and say hi - I’ll have FREE MINI COMICS at both events! :)

Thanks again, hopefully I'll see you there!
Thank you so much to everyone who bought comics or merch from my table at London MCM Comic Con! I had a really great weekend chatting to people who stopped by. I took some cosplay photos and posted them on my personal tumblr blog.

My next event will be Thought Bubble. I'll be sharing a table with A Little Lost Caterpillar- you can find us at table 59 in the Royal Amouries Hall. I will have copies of Radio On Broadcast #2 - a brand new music anthology! There will also be FREE MINI COMICS to hand out. Sorry I wont be able to display the folder of original illustrations and comics pages, but message me if you'd really love to buy one and I'll bring it along - individually priced 10-30 pounds.

The last event of the year will be Birmingham MCM Comic Con. You'll be able to find my table somewhere in the Comic Village.

Don't forget I have an online Etsy shop if you can't get to Leeds or Birmingham.
Thanks again!
Thanks again to Chloe, you can find her beautiful illustrations on here

Thank you to everyone at Leamington Comic Con on Saturday! The show was busier than I was expecting and I had a great time chatting about Barreleye fish and music zines. I also filled in for Matthew Craig on a small press panel with Rees Finlay, Stu Perrins and Neil Sambrook with questions from Olly MacNamee. You can watch the panel on YouTube here. (sorry for having a tiny voice)

My next event will be London MCM Comic Con. You'll be able to find table CG11 in the Comic Village. Maps will be available in the show guide at the event or online. (I'll tweet some directions on Friday morning @ sammyborras ) There will be plenty of FREE MINI COMICS to hand out - the secret password is 'do you have a business card?' and I will hand you a little comic instead!

Chloe Citrine (who named this comic Misc Fits) will also be in the Comic Village at table CK7.

If you can't get to London I have a list of events on the webcomic homepage and a Etsy shop for online orders.

Thanks! See you there!

*EDIT: if you are interested in reading Best Day Ever and some other old comics they are online here
I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who bought my comics from the small press table at Caption over the weekend. I had a brilliant time at the event and I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with organisation and all the panels and workshops.

I’ve been busy this week preparing merchandise (click here to see brand new plectrum designs and Giant Rhinos drumsticks) to take to London MCM Comic Con. You'll be able to find table CG11 in the Comic Village. Maps will be available in the show guide at the event or online.
I did a presentation about Misc Fits at Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham last week. Thank you to everyone at the event, I always have a great time chatting to local comics creators.

I am going to convert my presentation slides into little one page comics - they are not really supposed to be a 'how to make comics' tutorial, think of them more like fun facts? I tried my best to include things I learnt recently that I thought might be useful to share. The pages will go online once a week at 12noon on a Wednesday while Misc Fits is in hiatus. I chose a different day of the week to usual because I'm hoping Giant Rhinos In Space #4 will launch online soon and I would like to continue to use Tuesday/Fridays for that upload schedule.

LDC Birmingham will be hosting presentations at Caption at Fargo Village in Coventry this weekend - 10th and 11th October 2015. You may have heard of Caption before, it's an event which used to run in Oxford and I'm looking forward to see it come to my home town. More information on their website

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who came by at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair last weekend. I had a lovely time sat next to Mair Thomas and Hamish Steele

The next event will be London MCM Comic Con at the end of October. I was hoping to share the table with Sarah Fogg but unfortunately she needs to take a break from conventions this term. I've missed Sarah a lot when I've been at events on my own - so I'm hoping she'll be back doing small press stuff again next year. You should definitely follow her beautiful diverse inktober pictures over on her tumblr. You'll be able to find the table in the Comic Village (table numbers will
be announced nearer the date and maps are usually in the convention guide which you can find at the show or online)

Updated autumn events:
<ul><li>London MCM Comic Con (Comic Village) - 23rd-25th October 2015</li>
<li>Thought Bubble (Royal Armouries Hall) - 14th-15th November 2015</li>
<li>Birmingham MCM Comic Con (Comic Village) - 21st-22nd November 2015 </li></ul>

Thanks again! Sammy
Hehehe, this is adorable! And of course made me think of that "how to draw an owl" meme! XD
Hi everyone! I had a absolutely amazing time at Scotland MCM Comic Con. I'd like to say a massive thank you to all the lovely people who came by my table over the weekend - I had such a great time and I'm happy that sales were good enough to travel to the event again next year.

I have 2 events this week to tell you about ...

I'm doing a presentation at Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham at 7.30-9.30 on Thursday 1st October at the Green Room Cafe (it's opposite the Hippodrome, not far from New Street station). I'll be mostly talking about the creation of Misc Fits and I'll take along some of the original comic pages for you to look through. Jess Bradley, Joe Krawec and Dori Kirchmair will also be doing presentations - more information on the LDC website.

Then on Saturday 3rd October 2015 I'm heading down to the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair. The event is FREE ENTRY! I only have a half table at this show so I will only be able to take comics and small merchandise such as plectrums and badges. If you were hoping to pick up a poster or a specific ink drawing (I have some listed on Etsy ) give me a message and I'll bring them along for you.

More autumn events are listed in the webcomic homepage - and if you can't make it to Bristol, London or Leeds, I have an Etsy shop were you can order online. I'm hoping I can confirm a table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again!
<p>Hey everyone! I'm taking my comics up to Scotland MCM Comic Con for the first time this weekend - 26th-27th September at The SECC, Glasgow <br></p><p>My table is CF1 in the Comic Village - so I should be on the end of one of the rows - there will be maps available online, in the show guide (click here!) and hopefully around the room. There is usually a handy ceiling banner hanging above the Comic Village and it looks like the section will be roughly in the middle of the convention hall. <br></p><p>I always take free mini comics to hand out at events - I have a secret password in case I get carried away chatting or the table is busy and I miss handing you one - you just need to casually ask 'do you have a business card?' and you'll get given a whole comic! <br></p><p>Misc Fits: The Sea Apple will be available to buy in bright full colour print format! (If you would like to see the characters on merchandise please let me know and I'll try sorting something for some of the later events.)<br></p><p>I'm taking a folder of original pages and illustrations. They are individually priced ranging from £10-30 depending on paper size and how complicated they are. I have a couple of Giant Rhinos In Space illustrations, portraits from That Music Zine and all the Misc Fits comic pages and The Sea Apple cover spread. <br></p><p>I'm also going to have a new bundle deal available at the show - if you buy all 3 issues of Giant Rhinos In Space you can get a poster for £10 - that saves you money on comics and knocks the poster price down to £2.50 - half price! yay! <br></p><p>For a up to date list of events please see the Smack Jeeves webcomic homepage - thanks hopefully I'll see you there! (just in case I can't see you there - I have a online Etsy shop)
Awww, this is SUCH A COOL ENDING!! I really enjoyed this story! I'll miss this gang but I guess I can pass the time by CATCHING UP ON GIANT RHINOS IN SPACE. :D
I love the graphism!
Aw, that's a good solution! :D
I love this comic! I hadn't checked it in ages but I just did and read through it so far and I love it! The art style is great and I really like the story so far. Keep it up!!
Beth has an impressive moral code. But yeaaah, visiting someone at work IS kind of awkward, and I always end up worrying about this too even though I don't think my moral code is as impressive as Beth's.
This IS a pretty cool colour scheme! I love when people experiment with colours, keep it up! :D
That's a good point but people who post stuff like that online are usually not too bothered! I sometimes wonder about that, how really people who end up in memes feel about that.

And thanks for replying but you don't have to do it ASAP or anything, it's nice getting a reply but I mostly comment because I know most artists like reading comments and it's the least I can do for getting to read quality comics for free, you know? :)
Thank you so much for reading and supporting through comments, likes/faves and shares! Misc Fits will go on a break now while I work on the next chapter of Giant Rhinos In Space. If you would like a print version of The Sea Apple they are available to buy through Etsy ! or at any of the events listed on the Smack Jeeves homepage :)

I’d also like to say a special thank you to Chloe Citrine for coming up with the ‘Misc Fits’ name and to Laura Watton,Joe Krawec and Rees Finlay for last minute help with spell checking and grammar

Thanks again!