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The Angel with Black Wings

The Angel with Black Wings

by avimHarZ
A story of friendship between a boy and a guardian angel.
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2 Years Ago

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The Angel with Black Wings

A story of friendship between a boy and a guardian angel.


Recent Comments

Damn, more mutts coming to be lil bitches. Go to 'ell already will ya? And do your own homework fool.
Thats 'fockin rude. Who tha hell hits people just for fun? Get this mutt outta here already. =3=
Aww man... Poor girl.
Missing page?
So, what exactly Ray asked Lola then? This page seems to be missing.
Image Not Available
So, what happened next? All I saw on the page is Smack Jeeves's "Image Not Available" message.
@Saku-Kohaya7kae: thank you!
@AmberWing: Thank you so much!
@tasudertero: I have to apologize for that, but these watermarks is sort of an insurance no art thieves would feast on my artworks. I know it's obvious but I ensure that people are still able read the contents and No, it's not published yet that's why I'm being cautious.
She's soooo pretty!!!
This scene is beautiful. I feel peace, despite her having black wings.
You have a pretty cool style! Your lineart is clean and toning is great.

I suppose though, those stickers are for anti-theft purpose?

It's a little distracting but not really much of a big deal. :)
your sticker is a bit annoying, is it published?
Yes, It's decided! I really like you comic! :D
Very nice lines! I like you comic. Although I just saw only 2 pages so far! :D