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Red Belt

A love letter to all things Tokusatsu. Alexis Reyes patrols the endless streets of Neon City, fighting the deadly Chimeramen.

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Well fuck me gently with a chain saw if that ain't the most chilling cliffhanger I ever done saw!
January 4th, 2018
Nice Trash talking there!
Just laughing hard
That line in the last panel was just too perfect! I literally was in tears from laughing.
ndrvr (Guest)
January 1st, 2018
Looks like...
...someone got "trashed" ^^.
And now out onto the Dump...
December 31st, 2017
@TH3GADFLY: oh, sorry. Well, Turtle still has that dangerous sword made from a roller in a car wash. Truely a mighty weapon.
December 31st, 2017
@SuperBunnyBun: No, buns, your thinking of the Littering Owl Chimeraman, Polluter Hooter!
December 31st, 2017
@Gamerguy619: But who has something like that...
Or someone with a cloaking device has that power...
December 25th, 2017
That turtle has the power to flip trashcans! We are all doomed!
Iceman00x (Guest)
December 17th, 2017

I completely understand that moving is a B and a half.
December 11th, 2017
I’m moving to a new Apt so I can’t make a comic next week!
December 11th, 2017
@Dan Genesis: I feel I am legally obligated to put that soundclip in the animated version!
Would the Steel Samurai theme be out of place here?
*insert Kabuki Yoooo sound effect*

Yeah, something like that.
Garithos (Guest)
December 5th, 2017
@SuperBunnyBun: haha great choice, they are all online games called MOBA's where you control a hero and play with other people against another team.
Quite fun sometimes.
December 2nd, 2017
Rainbow alien flies by saying "The More You Know"
November 28th, 2017
@jdragoon: Hot dangit! Typo Fixed!
Thought I was on point for this kinda thing nowadays...
November 27th, 2017

Regardless of the amusing typo (I read it as 'random') I love her expression as she spouts off "nonsense."
November 26th, 2017
@Garithos: I have not played any of those acronyms, but I shall go with LoL as my favorite because it sounds like laughter.
Garithos (Guest)
November 26th, 2017
@SuperBunnyBun: He is speaking DOTA actually or LoL, or HoN, whichever game is your favourite :)