Red Belt

A love letter to all things Tokusatsu. Alexis Reyes patrols the endless streets of Neon City, fighting the deadly Chimeramen.

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Man, such a long streak of on time updates... gone.
But as you can see, I could not half ass this page!
@TH3GADFLY: Happens to the best of us. Life Happens so if it's late oh well still gonna check everyday regardless. Keep up the good work man.
July 24th, 2017
Late Comic
Page 19 is going to be late, expect it later today.
MANNNNN, there goes my update streak!
i know it wasn't deliberate but Kamen rider Kiva reference (the lead fangires were named after chess pieses)
July 6th, 2017
@TH3GADFLY: Crim stienbelt (aka the drive Driver) and Mighty Action X
Never underestimate dumb
Red Belt! The Saga of Dat ass. Also a teleporting horse guy. Damn am I also loving all the weapon upgrades.
July 3rd, 2017
Happy 150th Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!
I love Warper so, so much. Can he stick around for a while? I love the idea of him becoming the personal archenemy of one of the heroes. Maybe Hawk? I can see those fights being really entertaining, blipping in and out of reality to dodge gunshots.
June 26th, 2017
Commissions are now open if you'd like a drawing from me! For details!
So much color... I really enjoy this comic :D so dynamic!
Now to answer history's biggest question. What happens when a shark fights a duck?
Green Hawk- Witty, lovable, and a bit lacking on the short term memory department
It's like this card horsie has been placed both in attack mode AND defense mode!
June 11th, 2017
Shoutout to Fourze99 on tvtropes for making a tvtropes page for this comic!
Brings a tear to my eye that someone put in such effort to make a whole page detailing the tropes in my comic!

Tvtropes page here:

It does make some assumptions about some elements but if I corrected them then that would be telling to much, ahehehe!
Actually they were more primarily ivory white with midnight purple armour, and the other cyan and lavander. Not really maroon. In fact kitty lady is the closest to maroon
Oh him... He's such a card!

Since when is Warper a color?

Damnit, and Pale Stallion would have been amazing
@TH3GADFLY: Love your art work and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm officially sold on Green Hawk. Keep up your work.
Warper Stallion took me awhile to read it lol