What if you found them? The One? The One who makes you complete? What would you do? And what if they lived just next door? Would that make life easier? Or would it be torture? What if the One was with another? Someone who didn't deserve their magnificence? Would you back off?...Or would you fight for what you love? With all this romance, unrequieted love, and renegade conciences running around, Jack Sterling's life is about to get very interesting...
Updated Thursdays and Saturdays

While I don't believe my comic is rated R, there will be some harsh language, mildly sexual situations, and references to drinking/violence that may not be suitable for younger children who shouldn't be surfing the net ANYWAY. So if you enter the site and find something offensive, you've been dually warned.

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We miss you, tempest. I, for one, haven't given up on this comic
i really wish you would update again i miss it so much
I just found this webcomic, love it, got all into the story and its not being updated anymore!!! *cries*
Saturdays are entirely acceptable comic days. :D
Guuuuuuuh, I think I'll have to switch updates to Saturdays. I can't seem to keep up to get anything done by Friday >< Sorry guys :C
On the bright side, lookey here! This page was really FAR too much fun to plan out. All I kept thinking when I was drawing it (with an obscenely large grin on my face) was "tsun-tsun! dere-dere!~" :D
Oh, and what would you guys like to see me do as a special Valentine's day picture? Suggestions anyone?
Oh yes this page. OH YES. UH OH.
Cannot wait for upcoming updates AUDSFJSLDK
Well, poor girl. Hate that phrase.
Every time I flirt with a girl, it's very... well, sneaky, I've been told. What with asking the girl how to ask a special girl out (worked twice), and other things. Of course, I've never hit on a girl that wasn't my friend already, so... *shrugs*
"In deep smit". I know how that feels...
and I'm not to sure what I do physically while flirting, usually I just joke around, give a few smirks and maybe a raised eyebrow or something. But then again I'm weird, so maybe other people don't do that...
T.T Oh noes, it's bout to go...DOWN.
YES!! I'm so fucking happy!!
Pssh, Murdoc, don't even try to pretend like you don't care. We know what you're really like deep down.

And Welcome Back! I was hoping this comic would make a comeback
Oh my gosh I was reading this like literally a few days ago and it's back! Awesome!

Congratulations on graduating from college! What did you major in?
I actually kept you in the rotation just waiting for this....WB!!
good to have you back and congratulations on your college graduation.
I forgive you for taking a long time to update. I mean, hell, you actually came back. Lots of webcomic makers don't.
I'm so excited your back! This was one of the first webcomics I started reading. I love it so very much! Welcome back!!
*GASP* Oh noes! Tis Friday the 13th! *dons her lucky hat*
Hope this most notorious of days is treating you guys well!
Oddly enough in this page, it was easy for me to decide what Evee would to do flirt with Jack...but I was kinda stumped as to what JACK would do. Question: what do you fellas do when you flirt with a girl? What physical things do you do to hint to some lucky lady you're interested in them? I'm curious.
Cause let me tell ya, searching it on google was a mistake....>~<
*ahem*...Still Here ^^;
*slowly peeks out from behind the webpage*
Heh...hey everyone! Yeah I know, it's been well over a year since I last updated and I can't TELL YOU how terrible I've felt about it, especially since I've gotten a few more new readers! Suffice to say, life got crazy hectic for a good while, especially since I've had two HUGE life changing events happen, including my GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE :D!!!
But I digress, I'm back! And I'm going to take things slow for now, just to get my pace back. Updates to resume on Fridays.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate y'alls patience and encouragement!
So without further ado, we return to our story
@omgcakez: It's from American Pie. :P
oh i am so excited to see what happens next please make a new one soon