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A fairie general and his army struggle to protect their city-state after an alchemical anomaly brought eldritch monsters into their dimension.

Warning: this comic contains violence, horror, and occasional flashing images.


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2 hours ago
Wait, Broken anniversary will be next Friday? It will be the 3 years anniversary? That's AWESOME, congratulation on that. I guess I missed that because I binged the whole comic about two or three weeks ago XD
3 hours ago
Hey guess what broken turns 3 years old on Friday! I'm definitely going to do something special for it (especially since I may or may not have missed it last year). My current thought is to maybe do an art stream for everyone on Friday night (normally just for Patrons) doodling the characters, but I'm super open to suggestions.
Okay, just spent the whole day reading this and . . .woah *breathes deeply* What an experience. Now, just to wait patiently like everybody else has been doing.
This is a beautiful scene. It makes the readers smile too as they read and share in the moment.
*snorts and falls off chair*
*heart splinters*
This is true table-flipping technique at its finest.
Another one! Were those left by his father?
Woah. That gore is really well done.
He looks so alone on this page. . .
Oh, no. I sense a tear-jerker up ahead.
Isn't that . . .?
Good or Bad people?
Woah, this is so nice. Very few people ever have the patience to listen to me talk about the books I read xD
XD Basically what I did for all of primary school
Back home. And I like that crack in the wall
Well. Sh t.
Comrade! Oh noes, please don't get shot for treason, One We Do Not Know.
Okay, conctruct is still in hug-me-I'm-scared-mode
Either way, they can't announce the construct attacked her, without explaining the construct was first 'alive' to some extent.