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Exotic Watermelon Exo

Following the exploits of a Exo learning how to live in the world of Destiny.

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@CAMMAX008: Seems fitting though!
@Heneedssomemilk : Yep finally got it!
November 17th, 2018
@Heneedssomemilk : 'tis a thing of beauty, ne'er have mine eyes seen such beautiful lethality; such relentless style.
Y'know, except in D1.
(I have no idea why but I just felt like writing that way)
@Heneedssomemilk : Not yet, though I plan to get it this weekend :)

I'll let you know when I do :P
Hey did anyone get the thunderlord, I did and I thing it’s an okay in pvp but it rules in pve. So what do you thing of it :p
@Textualfish: You're welcome! :)
November 16th, 2018
@♠️Arcstrider Exo♠️: thanks!
@Textualfish: Oh my Traveler.... are a very good author, did you know that?
@Textualfish: I can actually open this one!
November 16th, 2018
@A Bored I.T. Guy: Hey thanks a lot for reading mosscreek! I actually need to do a bit of re-writing before i continue. Sorry for the delay!
November 15th, 2018

It’s all of the previous segments of the story combined. The new one is towards the bottom. (See Mem. File:109828972) Enjoy!
I’ll start writing part 2 soon.
great I have really been looking forward to you releasing this. Thank you for writing it. Wear your seatbelt.
November 15th, 2018
Your personal translator.
@Textualfish: For anyone who doesn't know what all the one's and zero's translate into... I've come to your rescue!

It translates to:
"You know, it just... it hurts to think about that you know? Maybe you should consider deleting it. For me. Please?"

(Yes this is correct... And I enjoy reading the short fragments of an entire story you've been making. Keep it up!!)

(P.S. I am LOVING. The letter format.)
@Textualfish: Okay, then! I can't wait! :P
November 14th, 2018
Part one at least. Might be one more part, might be 2. WARNING. It deals with existentialism, suicide, PTSD, and depression, and contains harsh language. If you may get offended by any of these things, please do not read this.

Now all I gotta do is figure out how to post it. I may edit it a bit- make it a bit more... readable. But the first part of the story is finished.

But for now, I’m going to sleep. I’ve got a long day tomorrow. C’ya
Cheese (Guest)
November 10th, 2018
Just wondering if anyone will help me with a raid on PS4 (I’m 598 light)
HomieOwl (Guest)
November 9th, 2018
Look! Greg made a montage!
@Textualfish: coool XD
November 5th, 2018
I wrote another teaser, then I reread it and decided it was stupid and deleted it. Hope you enjoy the excerpt!