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Exotic Watermelon Exo

Following the exploits of a Exo learning how to live in the world of Destiny.

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Mosscreek Divide
Hey! I love watermelon and love seeing it continue to grow! I also like mosscreek, will it continue?
@Vox n Doc: Ahh that's great and now you also have a ton to catch up on too! Thanks for reading!!!
I can't believe it!
Hello, I doubt the creator will read this but I've read this when there was only 20 pages and I have to say I'm incredibly happy I found this again and to find the creator still creating! I'm ecstatic to see this comic still going as it's helped me through some hard times! (I'm also creating fan art as we speak because I love the bean that is the watermelon exo `·w·´)

Still haven't done Zero Hour tho... ;-;
Sounds like me too
Why I want in on this selfie?
And when he's left alone
(part 2 of 2)
Whenever I go visit Mithrax!
(Part 1 of 2)
@Finey1: Yep this time I have 4 different ones!
Will you be selling your pins again??
Well... you won't see me. ;-;

Someday... someday I will get there...
Well guess I'm going to miss this one. Even though I never have been to one.
Guardian Con!
Yeah!! I'm so excited to see everyone again this year at Guardiancon in Orlando next week! Will you be there?!
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): Stormfalcon2018:(notices) sure why not, whats the worst that can happen.(puts marshmallow on stick, random red legion psion runs up, smacks the marshmallow out of my hands, then runs off.) GHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!, also how did that psion find us.
@Jojak05: Thank you so much for stopping by whenever you can! It means a lot to me to hear stuff like this!
@Textualfish: rjcmannus: -perfectly roast a marshmallow with a golden gun's flame- "here mate try it."
@Arcstrider Exo: rjcmannus: "then come over here by the fire"