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Exotic Watermelon Exo

Following the exploits of a Exo learning how to live in the world of Destiny.

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@HomieOwl: get ready for a Sailormoon type transformation boiiiizzzz

Its about time a fallen became a gaurdian!
I wonder if the Traveler remembers it's own past.
@Arcstrider Exo: They are part of his EXO wartime programming that was wiped and formatted out of most Exo's.
@lazesummerstone: The question is... how did he get them?
@guardian79: thing is he didn't even use light here. He actually used the aurora knives developed by Clovis Bray.
wow that is not how light works
Sorry for being a bit nick picky but that is not how light works you see!light is like a battery the guardian is the light bulb the ghost is the cundutor and so when the city fell along with the traveler think of it like a wire being cut sorry again for nick picky
I just realized....
@lazesummerstone: You wrote "Fallen Behind"
There are FALLEN BEHIND Watermelon XD
@Nuclear Fox: Yup! That Dreg though didn't really take the time to think about what was happening.
That Vandal is smart though :)
Nuclear Fox
May 24th, 2018
Good friend; good fallen
Watermelon is a good friend to help Greg. Those other fallen that vandal knew better than to interfere with the heroic walk away
@lazesummerstone: :) I really do! His expression is awesome!
@Arcstrider Exo: Whoa! Thank you!
I seriously just took a screenshot of Watermelon from the 3rd panel and made it my wallpaper. I love how you drew him there :)
@kl122002: He does have to get off Earth first...
Is that mean Watermelon going to Mars?
@Guy: Maybe that's the true end of the game? Friendship!
Enough light for two.

There was a typo.
@Arcstrider Exo: