Exotic Watermelon Exo

Following the exploits of a Exo learning how to live in the world of Destiny.

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It's actually just a greenish blue!
Eye color
I'm confused on whether watermelon's eye color is green or blue, I've seen him with both
how could I forget
oh of course! I was there! how did I forget again? Oh yeah, i probably had too much coffee during the day and passed out later... STILL! you would think I'd remember. Also, it may surprise you that I haven't bought an xbox one or a PS4 yet. I'm going to wait for the xbox one X (an improvement on the one S) because that little brat broke my brand new laptop by spilling his F***ing chocolate milk on it. I still want to murder him. but yeah if you do not have a console or a PC then buy the one X. I heard it's going to be very good.
@tim tom: course i know mr fruit! I had to watch his GuardianCon Charity stream and watch hours of him reading off donations as fast as I've ever seen someone read!
@tim tom: Thanks for reading and I really appreciate that it can help, in whatever way!
mention The Fruit
if you do not know who he is click here
you are the best
mr. lazesummerstone, I appreciate you updating both of your comics every wednesday even with college. It keeps me on the internet and away from my little baby brother in the room next to me who my cousins bought over. (annoying little brat) so thanks dude
July 15th, 2017
@Meow comment: you comment!
@lazesummerstone: me comment.
This comic, she has given me the joy of laughter. As the people say in their great ritual of "Texting",
Stop it
Sgt.derp, you should just suck it up! Like you said your gonna get a laptop then why don't you just get destiny 2 on that! Seriously. Just ask him for gold or something! Get it for your birthday. Jeez
@Sgt.derp: It actually only $50 a year.(and by the way your dad has a perfectly good reason not to get you gold because he still has to feed you, pay for power, water, and a lot of other bills so don't complain)
That's not the actual price
@Sgt.derp: gold is 60$ and it's not hard unless you ask family members for money (not your dad obviously, he needs the money for food, and rent because 2,000 a year, is a bad payment in today society. So your best bet is your cousins or aunt)
@Sgt.derp: Sorry! I remember I wanted a SuperNintendo when I was that age, my parents wouldn't buy me one. So what I did was make tiny origami earrings for people. I ended up making like 200 dollars and bought it. But yeah maybe Xmas is the best bet.
I'm 11
@mpire4: dude I am only 11 years old so yeh there's your answer. Yup
@Sgt.derp: Are you legally old enough to acquire a job? Even a simple one like mowing a lawn?
Yeh but
@lazesummerstone: yeh I have said that before! But my dad says "it cost to much"! Like I know about the online thing when you get the xbox one but we didn't get destiny until a couple months later! So yeh but I am holding to get for Christmas! And I'll try to convince my dad!
@Sgt.derp: Hey Pigeon had some good advice for you! And using Xmas or B-day as a reason is always good! I'm not actually familiar with Xbox at all so I don't know anything about the Gold online thing.
@Pigeon: That's good advice!
@Sgt.derp: Whenever you get a new xbox game it comes with a few months or a week of gold. Or you could ask for it on Christmas or your birthday