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by Merceneiress
A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.
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A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.

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If you've not tracked down the "Don't Kill Hitler" thread, you probably want to. Tirin apparently understands approximately 0% of what she needs to safely manipulate the continuum, and it appears that she's thinking with her hormones. Really, REALLY bad combination.

And, remember the ONLY rule of continuum manipulation: There can only be one.
June 16th, 2018
@Guesticus: My Mickey Mouse Timex isn't up to keeping track of all the times in all the different dimensions. It got a bad case of split personality.
@Dragonrider: yeah, they happened in the past, Sari's past (she's from the future, remember), and considering Primal Tirin and Mirby have only just left Lil Tir and Billy (as far as they are concerned), then yes, those events Sari just described are yet to happen
@ems: Don't think these are events in the future as we know the future. They happened in the past in a different timeline however Daddy is still daddy, she kept the Emporer from killing him once and she damn well plans on doing it again.
Second Guesticus comment actually you are about the only one that has admitted to taking ideas from readers. it's a great feeling when you see you suggestion has been implemented. Kudos to you on that.
@Merceneiress: have found, after reading a lot of different webics, the ones that tend to be the most enjoyable are those with a great comment section (for discussing what is happening and what might happen) and a creator that is not so 'fixed' on the story they are not opposed to making adjustments based on the comments (even if it's just subtle and small changes like poses or script {as opposed to simply fixing typos})
Just a comment on Tirin's choices once Sariel's story is done --- I don't even know for sure what it will be --- I have a general idea of where the plot is going, but the small details on how to get there, especially in this kind of situation, is wide open. What's nice about reading your comments is getting a general sense of what you guys think might happen --- I must admit I have incorporated ideas suggested in the comments in the past, some even changing the path of the plot. So keep 'em coming!
... yes, simply agree with the deranged magic user, it's safer all round :P

While killing the Emperor may not solve every problem, it certainly wouldn't hurt, well, hopefully it will hurt him, a lot, in the face
Maybe start smaller, like exposing and eliminating the "deeply entrenched imperial spy" before she can sabotage things, then let events take a different course?
Technically, these are events of the future that have not happened yet. And they could be changed effortlessly with the help of spicy time-travel. Why then worry about future events so much? Both Tirin and Abby have not fully grasped the paradoxical nature of this.
I think a better plan of attack would be free Daddy, Little Tirin Aunt and Billy, free Queen. Then let Daddy turn his weapons loose on Emperor. Abby seems to be as blood thirsty about Mistress Salock as Tirin is about the Emperor.
Didn't 'Ortima design a version of Siresha's outfit out of Helvetican translucent leather?
Eric Hines
@Merceneiress: don't blame her, that outfit looks great!
@Ganurath: Yup. She never liked him in the first place and him being promoted above her was the straw that broke the camel's back.

@Dragonrider and Guesticus: Siresha just loves leather --- and that particular outfit is her favorite --- she has at least 3 versions of it made from 3 different types of leather . This one is made of Trazierian leather, not as shiny as the one she wore before which was Hiborian leather.
@Dragonrider: not sure Billy or Yritai are still around, certainly not running around loose: we saw Yritai organising the defences (not hiding from the conquerors), and Felina would ensure that her former partner and the brat were amongst the dead

Whilst it looks like the same outfit, it's not, very similar butt different
Well everyone has blown my guess at the spy away I'll go for Kim Kardashion. Well as Bily and Yriyai are loose at present presume Felina is about to get a very nasty, painful and Fatal dose of nano tech. Also imagine Billy is working on a nano tech and delivery system to free Tirin and Samson.
Side thought if Big Tirin goes back in time and frees herself and her Dad, her tech and Little tirrin's magick will make short order of the Empire, the Emperor won't only be minus his small head that Flin Oobyins slave removed but will probably subjected to removal of his large head as well. Also I note out "Truth Seer" is still wearing the same outfit she wore the seduce Samson years ago. Doesn't say much for the Emperors clothing allotment for his trusted minions.
Heh! Shoulda refreshed the page first :P

Just thought of something: Tirin did all that to Lord Trussedupturkey because of what happened to her dad, what do you imagine she will do after what happened to her dad, Billy and her aunt-mother?
The Emperor will not be getting away, again!

@Ganurath: specially seeing how we see Yritai in position, and no sign of her dark-skinned partner... oh wait, there she is at that defense console
@binn05: My guess is Felina, since the defense stuff she'd be sabotaging basically renders her service obsolete, and was made by a boy she'd wanted as a slave.
@Guesticus: don't know for sure, but it's hard to pull a fast one on you.

@ems: Your guess is pretty good.

@binno5: didn't want to give it away, but I think Guesticus has a good idea.
ok, who was the traitor?