A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.

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Battle should be interesting . Little Billy gets a peep at what Big T.,will be working with .
@rob: yes, good point
@Guesticus: i wood say "fancy design " , unless she has really tiny feet..
@Lloyd: considering Lil Tir has advanced training techniques and memories nano'ed from the future, doubt FauxTirin would have better (maybe similar to what Lil Tir should have, or maybe a little better, but not near what Lil Tir has)
@rob: bit difficult to tell from this angle if those are actual claws on the ends of her boots, or just a fancy design used to look like claws
? wow, check out her shoes.!!?
Perception vs. reality. I recall that for this phase of the trial the person has to defeat herself. I think it only *looks* like the BigT we know and love, but is actually a version of what the trial magic has to work with, i.e., a modified version of LittleT herself. (Which is dire enough.) If I'm right, hopefully this version does not have fight skills better than LittleT.
Oh crud! Classic Adult Tirin versus New Lil Tir!!
@E Hines: it really depends on how, why and when the Slorn grabbed Abby
It just occurred to me that if Abby really is the other half of the Lady in the Mirror, that suggests that this matriarchic polity has its own ability to move cross-time. The Slorn might have a rival.
Eric Hines
@agedsage: yes, even in the hands of a twelve year old!

@Dragonrider and @Guesticus: Thanks for your comments on the incentive. It's fun doing these incentives.
@Merceneiress: you should be rightly proud: she is Beau-tiful :D
Nothing says "the Boys Mine"! Like a Glowing Blade!
@Guesticus: The lighting makes it that way --- I put a light right at the camera to make it look sort of like a photoflash. Glad you like the look
Every time see the invotive, Beau looks so photo-realistic, like you took a real photo and simply added her hair and bra
If that makes sense
@Dragonrider: no, the image Tirin saw with Abby, was of Samson, Bitchlock and Yritai (compare the first image on this page with panel four of the last page, and see if you can spot the difference)

A lot of these images are coming from Mirror's memories
UH Oooopsie someone is staking their claim on owned territory. Have a feeling she will find approval from Mirror~Mirror that was a test to see how much affection Tirin has for Billie and what she will do to protect him. Wonder what effect if any that power blade would have on Mirror~Mirror.
@Guesticus these messages are not going to the future they are traveling same time across the Cosmos remember Tirin Prime saw the image of Samson, Tirin and Billy when they first met the Vay from one of her spy drones probably set to monitor the escape point for her Father.

Incentive pic is a nice incentive saw it when it first went up,
ohh that why T-prime can see all three memory's ,, all in mirror now..

@Feanor: ? Kirin ?? Kid - irin ???
Second Comment
Panel One: Even though their footfall is precisely opposite, Kirin and Billy are not quite holding hands.

Panel Seven: Kirin should probably keep her mouth shut till they get out of this mess and into the next one.
Beau-tiful invotive ;)

Still feel that it is Mirror (or possibly even Abby) that is sending Tirin the images, some of them are too much second hand to Lil Tir to be so easily passed on to the future