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by Merceneiress
A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.
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A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.

Recent Comments

@Dragonrider: then Bitchlock is an idiot and snarking up the wrong bush: Pee Tee doesn't have time ability

The headache Pee Tee is experiencing, is from Bitchlock tapping into Lil Tir and using her, along with the Idiot Twins
Think Bitchlock is using Young Tirin to try to tap into Big Tirin and use her to get time ability, The headache Big Tirin feels is from the assistant that that currently experiencing pain. According to the rules of the Tedmas Bitchlock is skating very close to disqualifying herself and loosing by forfeit.
@robnot: no, not switched, she's 'tapping in' to the girls: Mirby doesn't just have to overcome Bitchlock, she has to overcome the 'disciples' first, which might be bad for Lil Tir (and Pee Tee)
Damn Bitchlock!

Not only is she using Lil Tir for the fighting energy, she is using that other bitch to avoid pain (okay, that part isn't so bad :P )
umm. panel two...
no one see that..?
yep switched.!!
@E Hines: it's not Dabs, it's Mirby
@Mysto: That's because the drink Salock gave Tirin the Younger was a potion to transfer the essence of her into Salock. Her younger appearance (compare, especially, with her Cast image) is because she's gained some of T the Y's youth and vigor from the transfer. It's also why T the Y now looks like she's in a trance--it's not a trance, it's that only her body and enough spirit to keep her body alive are present.
If Dabney wins too decisively, T the Y dies.
Oh, well. That would settle any time paradoxes that might be in the offing.
Eric Hines
@Guesticus: Eh.. like I said it could be the angle, or the lighting, or my overactive imagination, any number of things.

Look at her face in the cast lineup at the top of the page; doesn't it look older?

Anyhoo, we shall see.
@Mysto: the 'bags' could be a result of her squinting, whereas on this page, she has her eyes wide open
@Mysto: how old do you think Granny-lock is? o_O
Go back a few pages (page 16 and earlier) and she looks the same: she has always looked young for over 200 hundred years (must be the Vay genes, or the blood of the virgins she bathes in :P )

It's possible the 'loose' hair is throwing you off a bit
I think I know the difference that's caught my attention... Salock's eyes.

I went back a bunch of pages and Salock always had slight bags around her eyes and wrinkles at the corners. Those seem to be missing here.
Three Card Monte
I was thinking, when I saw the last page, that Bitchlock would be the kind of person to use illusion and swap out herself for Tirin. Tirin takes the big hit that Mirby leads with. And as Mysto and robnot have pointed out, there's something wrong with the combatant's face on this page, so, things may be about to get grim.
@Mysto: i have to agree with < ..
i also thought something off...
I still have the suspicion there's some kind of switcheroo going on here somehow.

It might just be the angle, but something seems.. off about Salock's face.

..too young looking.
@Guesticus: IMO The gyro would be an absolute necessity for the mono-pod to work in a sniper situation; it's really not stable enough on its own.

I've actually handled both; the mono is really just for for a quick steady and is usually accompanied by supporting it against some other vertical thing like a tree or post. The 'switch to bayonet' option is a bonus and is often the selling point, from what I've seen.

Good quality sniper bipods often have a pivot at the attachment point that allows for side to side, so they take that into account.
Short page is better than no page, and to be honest, it's probably good that it's short. The fight is gonna be quite dramatic :)
@Dragonrider: no, Mirby isn't focused, she is letting her emotions (namely, anger and rage) dominate
Look at the difference in stance: Mirby is really leaning in and scowling, whereas Bitchlock is standing firm and outwardly calm

And if you don't believe Bitchlock hasn't been anticipating this moment, and planning for it, ever since Mirror 'ran away', then you are doing Bitchlock a grave disservice (she's evil, not stupid)
Agree much anger but it is focused. Bitchlock will know she has to fight for he life for no quarter will be given.
@Mysto: easy enough if you forget to enter your name (has happened to me a few times :P )

Personally feel that a mono-pod would be better for a sniper rifle (specially if it has a gyro to aid balance), specially when the target moves: while a bipod allows ease of up-down motion, doesn't help with the side-side motion, plus, the monopod can be used as a modified stabby weapon if it comes to hand-to-hand combat (or simply run out of ammo and your position gets overrun)
Personal prediction: Mirby will lose the first round, she has far too much anger to focus properly, just look at her in the last panel