by Merceneiress
A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.
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A tale of deceit, greed, love, and vengeance that includes all kinds of fun sci-fi mayhem such as soul transplantation, randy AIs, zombified soldiers, time travel, dragons, cage fights, sword fights, gun fights, and other forms of ass-kicking.

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@agedsage: have never considered Abby to be bitchy, it seems the 'bitch' was left in the Mirror half

@Merceneiress: that's a relief
@Guesticus: Yes, that is dirt (not blood)
@Fallen Wanderer: yes, but being curt at this time, to the very one who split her and stuck half of her in the mirror in the first place, is treading a very thin line

Really hoping that that is dirt in panel four, and not blood, specially not hers
Well, now we know why Mirror/Abby are so Bitchy !
@Guesticus: Not really Mirror has always bin a bit of an ass. Now that we know her back story I don't blame her.
EEP! That's gonna come back and byte Mirror
Can see it now: Mistress Bitchlock "Did she, just hang up on me? Get her back on the line, this minute!!"
@Merceneiress: not often comments from me have been referred to as 'great' :P
@Guesticus: Thanks, Guesticus. Great feedback like yours and everyone else's, has influenced the story quite a bit. Not gonna say how, but know that it has.
@Merceneiress: personally would like to see them remain separate (seeing how they do appear to have distinct personalities), but will wait and see what you have planned

Having a script that is not 'set in stone', POO, shows the mark of a great storywriter: they have an idea on how they want the story to go, but are not opposed to changing things as it unfolds, sometimes due to reader feedback but mostly simply because other ideas become better alternatives :D
@Guesticus: Yeah, I've got an idea of how Abby and Mirror's relationship will go, but the script is not set in stone. Sometimes an idea pops up that changes things. I've thought about "recombination" vs not vs other ways...we'll have to see...

@Lloyd: I have a blast creating and sharing Merceneiress with you and everyone else and an equal blast reading all of your comments. Keep 'em coming! Thanks so much for your kind words!!!
@Lloyd: yeah, actually hoping they don't re-combine, or, if they do (probably will, unless the Author has thought of a way around that, personally have an idea or two, but it's His story) it's not, as you said, a complete domination of one over the other

Oh, an personally believe 'manufactured tension' does not make a 'better' story, it barely even qualifies as a 'good' or 'interesting' story, just look at all the 'reality' shows, from cooking to modelling to singing to flatmates living together
Well, of course Abby has no magic ability. That was Mistress Salock's intent - to separate the magic from the non magic. The teleporting is mechanical.

Something just crossed my mind. Abby and Mirror each seem to be complete personalities with no obvious missing bits. It will be interesting to see the result when (I assume 'when,' not 'if') they merge back into one entity. For their sake I hope the result is a balance of both, not all one or all the other. (Although some authors are unapologetic about torturing their characters because it introduces tensions and helps to make a better story.)

As always, thank you for creating and sharing this story.
Of course she doesn't look anything like you, she's not lavender with aqua hair :P

It actually makes perfect sense that Tirin can see Lil Tir's memories as they form, and not the other way around: Tirin is the future self and what she learns is in the future, Lil Tir is in the past
"What things? Being an irritating bitch at times for a start!"

Heh heh, enjoying the first two panels, and Mirror being, well, Mirror :D
But considering what she has been through, can understand her suspicion (and her jealousy at seeing herself :P )
@Merceneiress: didn't mean to imply there was anything wrong, just had been reading it differently
"She's not where she is supposed to be" and "she's where she is not supposed to be" mean different things
Aww heck, can't even remember how it was now to better explain, main point is: there wasn't anything wrong with what you had originally, it was just me reading it backwards (the meaning was still the same though, just in one it meant they knew she was there, but didn't realise she's not supposed to be, the other was she is supposed to be somewhere else and haven't detected her actual location)
It's complicated, and starting to confuse even me o_O
@Guesticus: Hmm, based on your comment, I changed that first line a tiny bit. Hope it sounds better.
Up until just a few minutes ago, had been reading Tirin's first line to be "... that she's not where she is supposed to be."
@Lloyd: Thanks, Lloyd. I really appreciate your kind words! Like you said, sometimes the look on someone's face conveys an emotion or thought better than words. I am so glad you liked Beau's expression (exactly what I wanted to convey).

@Dean, @E Hines, @Guesticus: Yup the floor is metal and probably very cold (which suits the Slorn just fine, but probably gives goosebumps to the gals wrestling on it).
@Lloyd: agree with your sentiment: she's just realised that it's not just about her (and Tirin and a few others) escaping, but also putting an end to the whole thing to save everyone
Beau's expression in the last panel is awesome! The best one word descriptor I can find is 'enigmatic' but even so, it's not quite right.

I see her expression as she suddenly realizes that this secret thing she is involved in is much more complicated and has much more at stake than she previously thought.

Not many artists effectively portray an expression with so much behind it. Thank you.