Arco Valentine wants nothing more than to become a freedom-fighter for marine animals, and being accepted into this exclusive internship is the first step among many to come his way.

However, little does he know following your dreams can be harder than you think, especially when a certain introverted musician keeps getting in your way.

(Warnings will be added as they come but this will be very much +18 and BL )

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He just thinks if he jumps in and is a helpless little crouton that Arco will have to save HIM instead
@Mccull61: hurrhurr. c:
February 19th, 2017
@Lynxiechan: soggycroutonshipping ♡♡♡♡

I high key ship it too.
Not even gonna lie
I ship Brussco.
That is all.
smol needs to stay in the boat plz and thank. good lookin out russell
@Mccull61: Maybe were you live, but where I do they are quite famous for flipping fishing boats to drown the fishermen, they also hunt you down if you try to run away, whenever there's a waterspout someone shouts "bufadora" to signal their arrival and everyone gets off the water, boats zigzag in odd patters to get out of the water and to lure em away from swimmers. Albeit they're smartsies and sometimes ignore the baiting maneuver directly going for the swimmers; in which case experienced swimmers go into deep waters, which does lure em, and they get picked up by boats that zigzag out afterwards.

People say its something about the water being hotter than other places that turns them into actual killerwhales (though their closer to dolphins)
Russell...speaker of Ladybugs...biter of ears...the most awesome bro.
February 17th, 2017
@annann: yep! It's very true. Arco and Brynn would both be freaking out, but Arco would reason that its fine if he does it because he's been preparing to do this almost his whole life now. ALSO, I will admit. Russel is very calm because he knows Arco will be fine. Russ isNT blind, I mean. He knows Arco is a badass swimmer. He's not afraid for him because it would take a hurricane to drown Arco.

And, despite the scene being a TERRIFYING situation for normal people. Hell if I was swimming in open water and a pod of Orcas showed up I would be heart racing and panicky (and a bit excited) and terrified. But this group here aside from Brynn, KNOWS rationally that Orcas are not threatening to humans. Large and dangerous in size and strength, but not threatening. Orcas have never been known to attack humans in the wild (in captivity it's a different story).

So really, Russ isn't all that worried. Just like Arco isn't.
Russel is a true bro
(◠﹏◠✿)just look at them
February 17th, 2017
I have to say I'm very surprised and glad how calm Russel is. Arco should be glad Russel stopped Brynn. Cause Brynn was about to do something very recless just to save him because of Arco's own reclessness. Nice parallel there. Bet Arco wouldn't like it any more if Brynn was putting himself in danger by trying to save him than Brynn watching Arco putting himself in danger.
(*^ -^*)
@JKHoganBooks: nah, Arco is like a cuttlefish you can't stay mad at a cuttlefish
February 17th, 2017
@JKHoganBooks: TOO TRUE
OMG Arco is so in the shit when he gets back. Never gonna get laid, bro.
*is casually reading this in the bathtub*
I'd hate to see Bry become a orca toy!!
February 17th, 2017
Lets give Brynn some credit for trying to hype himself up enough to jump overboard into the open water to save his stupid boyfriend. He is terrified and he knows its not a good idea cus the ocean seems to swallow him up, but he still thinks that maybe...some way he could TRY.

Lets thank Russ for protecting Brynn at all times tho. lmao.
@annann: Right??/

V handsome. V handsome bois
February 14th, 2017
All I can say is

Wind. Blown. Hair.
Happy Valentines Day!!