Arco Valentine wants nothing more than to become a freedom-fighter for marine animals, and being accepted into this exclusive internship is the first step among many to come his way.

However, little does he know following your dreams can be harder than you think, especially when a certain introverted musician keeps getting in your way.

(Warnings will be added as they come but this will be very much +18 and BL )

ARCO updates on Fridays!


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Dollar for Every Time You Made Crouton Cry jar.
Wonder what Russ has to say?!?!
@silverwolf019: your awesome!! I was gonna do it but you beat me to it!!
can we have a moment to appreciate how orgasmicaly good the faces of arco and mr.Crybaby are in the 2 small part of the mmmmmmmmmmmmm so good
Aww shit, Acro you're in trouble! You made your crouton cry and everyone else angry!
@Mccull61: to be fair, I'm kind of a crybaby myself, so I can sympathize with Brynn here, although he has way more reason to do so while I somehow end up crying over silly things. (Not sure if anxiety or what, I dunno) Not sure how my bf puts up with me ^^;
Arco is gonna learn the hard way (though not too hard) that actions have consequences.

Brynn has cried seven times so far. Ten if you count that flashback about his parents and the time he was freaking out about what to wear for their date. Five times were Arco's fault. Oh, and Arco has cried once........seems I have plenty of spare time on my hands.
Brynn is flipping out over this collar bone hooking incident but arco's just like "TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND!"
We all know Crouton tears are Arco's weakness....

someone go back and tell me just how many times Arco has made Brynn cry in this comic. Seriously like, so sensitive. So soggy. So Croutony.
@junkratspegleg: That's good to hear that you are feeling better! <3
@Liv3lafLuv: i'm doing better! my cold is pretty much gone and i'm on spring break, thanks for asking :)
I'm not sure if this has been asked already, but why are none of them wearing life jackets? :( That's basic safety at sea. Where I live the coastguard always stresses wearing life jackets no matter what. Many people have drowned over the years because they didn't take proper safety precautions while out on the water. I don't want any of your characters to get in trouble! :(

But maybe I'm speaking too soon and they're gonna get a lecture when they get back to shore... XD

I really enjoy 'Arco' either way. I've read all of 'The Maple Effect' and I'm really impressed how you weaved the story lines of the different comics together. You have a gift for drama and suspense and your character designs are very cute. Arco is a sweet guy!
@junkratspegleg : SAME! Dead, I could have said it better myself (Which I have tried, multiple times to comment, but... *shrugs* I didn't know how to phrase it... :/).

*hugs you* How are you doing, child of mine? <3
friggin i'd be pissed too if my extremely gorgeous but heckin dING DONG of a boyfriend almost got wrecked by the ocean <^< ,,,,,,,,,,,,but at least he saved the whale <3
@annann: Oh Ann ♡ I love this comment. You're absolutely right though. Arco's NEED TO protect definitely stems from Aaron's accident when they were kids. A LOT of Arco's personality comes from thst incident.

This particular act MAY not have happened however if Arco wasn't on overload from Brynn right now. I mean, Brynn's Parents being dead and the weight of that on his shoulders with absolutely no way to help, to physically fix what happened, Arco is on edge. And so this situation with the Orca was as much about wanting to save it as it was about Arco reaching for ANYTHING that would make him feel in control again.

Subconsciously of course, Arco doesn't think anything wrong of what he did (and tbh it's not like he did anything horrible. I mean he saved an orca!) And he would do it over again 100 times, no regrets.

But the swiftness in how he acted was definitely because of Brynn and Aaron. Yep
Omg I was gonna try to guess what everyone was thinking, but saw you clarified that for us already lol

Well I actually hadn't thought about any other reason about why Arco immediately jumped into the water to save the orca other than of the fact that he had to save his kind, but I don't know how I didn't think about it sooner... is it because of Aaron's accident when they were younger? Maybe after that accident happened his sense of wanting to protect Aaron and wanting to prevent anything bad from happening was so strong that wasting time wasn't an option for him. And since at that time he couldn't help Aaron he made it a point from then on to not stay back, but act. Not that he didn't save Aaron, cause he did by calling for help, but he probably felt helpless and since then wanted to help directly with his own strength and not rely on others.
I like how everyone is responding to the last panel, but can I just compliment you on how you drew the sea and the floating limbs?