Arco Valentine wants nothing more than to become a freedom-fighter for marine animals, and being accepted into this exclusive internship is the first step among many to come his way.

However, little does he know following your dreams can be harder than you think, especially when a certain introverted musician keeps getting in your way.

(Warnings will be added as they come but this will be very much +18 and BL )

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@Liv3lafLuv: Oh don't worry, Commander has a pretty big role to play in this story. We will get to see bits of his past as well as Lucas!

And tbh I was thinking maybe after PB, as sort of a continuation I might do a Commander side comic. Because I fucking love him too and he... he has quite the story
@Mccull61: Okay! I'll probably post on DA when I get them. :3 I have to get the frame still... :_: But, it will be okay because I'll have the COMMANDER. XD kekeke

Does the Commander have to "kidnap" humans too or did he have to do it in the past?? (May or May Not be writing a story about the Commander... ;3)
@Liv3lafLuv: yeah of course! I will email you when they ship out! (It's looking like they'll be shipping wendsday)
@Mccull61: ...Going to guess that you are going to tell us when the orders are sent out, right...? (I don't know what I'm doing, if you cannot tell. :/)

Because, a "HEADS UP!" would be nice so I can hid all of the naughty buttons before my parents find them.... I'm not ready for that conversation.... O.O
I dont think thats a lama! Lmfao
ALL OF THEM! So whenever I explain to my friends where all of my money went, I can just be like, "BL webcomic, bae. What can you do?" *shrugs* XD

*looks at all of the buttons* WHERE'S THE COMANDER?? </3
I want the I love y!! And the llama!! I'll have to see how this week paid!!
i want the llama. but i dont have any money!!
@FacelessNeil: same :(
@FacelessNeil: ik right
Alright my friends! I mentioned that when I got back from my con I would post the pre-orders/sales for my buttons! I didnt post this before the con because I wasnt sure how well the buttons would do/how popular theyd be/how many I would have left. Aaaaaaand, I DID sell quite a bit so a lot of these buttons ARE out of stock-- HENCE the "Pre-Order" part lol. Im ordering new button parts on the 22nd and as soon as they arrive I will be making them and filling your orders! So heres the official announcement about it!
If you are interested in buying buttons please send me an email at and let me know which buttons you want and I will add you to the list for pre-orders! Be specific if youre choosing a "I love yaoi" button or a Keith button since there are more than one.
I hope that you guys really like these and are excited about them. They really turned out good so im happy to sell them to you! ^_^
I'm not POSITIVE on the out-of-country shipping yet, and it will definitely depend on how many buttons you purchase if you are out of the country because shipping prices really vary a lot. So if youre interested I will get in touch with my local post office and find out the best pricing option and then let you know before you pay me.
If you are in the US, it will just depend on how many buttons you buy, but I can tell you that at the most shipping will be 10$. Again, email me first so i can get you the details!

Thanks you guys!!!! :D *THROWS BUTTONS
@Liv3lafLuv: oh gosh! xD
In the midst of Angst
I saw this and thought I would share an Arco moment
@Mccull61: OKAY! Then, I'll just stick with the first one! <3
@Liv3lafLuv: no i dont think she is married! :0
@Mccull61: kool!! I'm a patient person!! I can sit on my hands for weeks!!
Miss Sea-Animal-Teacher-Professor-Lady ;3 (Because that's how I roll. <3)

...This is probably a BAD thing to ask, but is the teacher married...? Because I cannot tell and have ideas if she was MISSES instead of MISS. *shrugs* Oops...