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The first page contains nsfw. But the comic won't have any nsfw content for a while. I will mark as mature when and if it happens. Warning: Does contain strong language.

Meet Rhys Markiel. Just your typical gay high school senior. All he wants to do, now that he's moved to a new school, is find a boyfriend. Luckily, he manages to find the "only other gay guy" at his school. To Rhys's surprise, that same guy happens to be an asexual who has no interest in the physical intimacy that Rhys desires.
Follow their love story: filled with dumb memes and comedy gold.
This comic is LGBTQA (mainly deals with homosexuality and asexuality)
Updates Sundays


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March 26th, 2017
i was going to do background people and put in Danial from Aces in here but i have so much shit due in the next 3 days I just had to do this FAST

i hate video projects... i'm volunteering as soon as i wake up tomorrow and then i have a MIDTERM on tuesday. for KANJI. and then a presentation on the same day.. and the n an exam two days after... plz end my life
omg that cafeteria panel took SO long. but there are a TON of cameos in it. 2nd place winner of the fanart contest is in the left corner!
the front table and the one behind it have some of mine and my friends' GDA ocs lol
People like Rhys are SOOO hard to find now a days. The relationships I had always broke up at the talk about sex. : __ :
@Anon-ish: OH yea like talk of sex will not happen for a LONG TIME and that's all it will be. Just talking about it. People on tapastic are like "if we're patient then they will have sex" as if they forgot this comic is mainly about a non sexual relationship
Thank you for reading!!!
That's a lot harder (or easier) than you would think... like I have a general apathy when it comes to intercourse but others get stressed and even have anxiety attacks at the thought of it.
Everyone is different even aces, you'll never know until you ask... though you want to at least be good friends before considering such personal questions ;)

Enjoying your comic!
Rhys is so precious. =w=
@bblue Of course!! I would have colored it, but it was me being bored during math class.
the last panel is my fave part of this page
the next page has a school cafeteria panel and im dreADING DRAWING IT... so many bg people...
March 11th, 2017
@dragonschylde: I loved it!! Thank you so much for entering!!
Aww. I didn't win :( Well! I liked to draw it anyways. Did you like it?
March 8th, 2017
It took so long to decide on my favorites, there were so many great pictures to choose from. I wish I had more than 3 places
I will be contacting the winners via the way they entered the pictures! Thank you to everyone who entered! All of the pictures are on my wall, I'll edit this later to show you!
sorry this is so simple i have a midterm tomorrow i need to study for rip
March 5th, 2017
@featherpencil: OH LMAO THANKS FOR THE TIP
@bblue: LMAO i forgot that other cultures eat rice with utensils (hot tip: rice tastes better when you eat with hands)
March 5th, 2017
@featherpencil: why eat rice with your bare hands
when u can hold hands with an eating utensil and eat rice at the same time
@bblue: i was thinking abt eating rice, but ye! hold hands is good too!!
March 5th, 2017
@featherpencil: gasp u mean..... hold hands?? how embarrassing /////
i know what else he can do with his hands B)
March 4th, 2017
thinking of re-doing my commission post after I make the post about the contest winners!
it's really hard choosing my top 3 favorites...
@bblue: nevermind doesn't matter i got it done and sent it anyways lol