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Super Minion Bros.

A Goomba, Bob-omb, and Boo team up to perform various missions for residents of the Mushroom Kingdom in need of help! Set in the Paper Mario universe.

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November 21st, 2017
Just wanted to post another update: This comic WILL be beginning (again) in January.
May 23rd, 2017
Aaaand just in case anyone who saw that last comment is checking up here again...
I don't really know where I'm at with this comic. It's a strange situation in my mind at this point.

I'm completely unsure when, or even if this comic will ever get back up and running again. >~<
March 19th, 2017
Hey, just a little update for anyone who might be checking this site: The Early 2017 time frame might not happen... Depending on your definition of Early 2017. I'm pretty sure it'll be up and running by May, hopefully in March, but more likely sometime in April.

Thanks for the patience.
Too lazy to log in
How about....hmmm
Amazing Minion Adventures
A Rowzing Life (in the Mushroom Kingdom)
Henchmen in rebellion
Paper Adventures: Minion Edition
Too Good to be Evil
Super Paper Minions
I'll think of better ones eventually...
December 28th, 2016
@Therater2: The old comics will be deleted and most likely posted in a folder which will be linked to in the links tab.

I will also save .html copies of the actual web pages so I can preserve the comments for myself, but those probably won't be posted anywhere.
December 28th, 2016
Liking the new redesigns! Still excited to see this return.

Name change? I always liked Super Minion Bros. as well, but yes, considering the search results... perhaps it's for the best. I'd be fine with the name you suggested. Seems like almost anything else with the word 'minion' will pull up similar results as Super Minion Bros does.

As one question, what will happen to the old comics?
December 26th, 2016
@CapedLuigisYoshi: The eyebrows will never die

I have always liked the acronym, but at the same time, I wasn't a fan of how it had the same acronym as Super Mario Bros. And plus, the google search results if you search for Super Minion Bros...
Well, B. Rowz still has the massive eyebrows, so that's the important part maintained. :P

More seriously - I dunno about name changes, since I always kinda liked how Super Minion Bros. had that familiar acronym. Though that's not really a major concern, and I'm only one person.

And yeah, shorter pages is probably good.
December 26th, 2016
So, I've redesigned these characters in preparation for the upcoming reboot. As you can see, it's just minor stuff, mostly to make them look closer to the canon Paper Mario designs.

There seemed to be a lot of support for the idea of a reboot, and I appreciate that, so I thought I'd give a little more information on my plans.

-First of all, I'm planning to have it up and running in early 2017. I just need to finalize some things before I start working on pages.

-Second, as previously stated, it's going to be much more of a slice of life style comic than the previous. The SMB will still be going on missions, but not every chapter will be based around them being on a mission.

-Third, I'm strongly considering a name change in this new version. Right now I'm leaning towards "Paper Mario: Minion Squad", but if you have any suggestions, I am still open to them.

-Fourth, page length will change. There most likely won't be as much information to convey in a given page, allowing them to be less panels, and therefore be made faster. I'm thinking 4-6 panels per page, with 4 being the norm, and only more than 6 for special occasions, or just pages where there's more information to convey.

And that's about all I have to say about it at the moment! Additional questions? Feel free to ask.
(Also, the new Smack Jeeves site layout is lookin' pretty sweet.)