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Random Sprite Party!

A place for magical sprite art by weird people. Oh the fun times. Or not. Who knows? Do you know? Probaly not, but you can try anyways.

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January 3rd, 2019
right is the original, left is alt.
December 31st, 2018
Hippity Hey Howdy
This here is my character, Tone! He's pretty epic.
September 14th, 2018
Combination of Team Fortress 2's Spy and Mega Man's Dr. Wily
I exist still.

September 12th, 2018
@ThatOneEnderMan: too late, he died of starvation
>Fuck you, go outside already you moron
September 12th, 2018
you guys do realize the only reason i haven't continued this is because you told him not to go outside right?
As the Co-Author of Beta and Mega I can safely confirm that this is the true end of the series.
truly the end to a great franchise
it's been a great hiatus, but we've skipped 69 chapters and reached the end of the series.
August 23rd, 2018
Wow look it's my first post here cool
I finally uploaded my first drawing here, so I thought I should kick this off with the scissor boi himself: Cut Man! A portion of this drawing's palette comes from his sprite in MM8, with only a couple of added colors for the background.
@Angry Comic Game Nerd: you’re right, when I was updating this I could have done better. This felt like failure, but I was basically trying to do an RPG rip off kind of thing anyway.
this series as a whole gives me the "generic-rpg-styled-cyoa" kinda feel. sometimes, the comic as a series feels a lot like its trying to be funny, like in pages 5 and 10, other times it ends up making the comic look a lot more weird because of how the big or small the pixels are in a comic, like how the exclamation mark and the bubble around it end up altering the aesthetic. from what i can see, the comic has potential, but it needs to channel it.
>forget the outside world, that bed looks great
> ...Eh, forget it. The mood is gone, let's stay inside.
This choice matters a lot
Will you explore a whole new reality, or stay put here?
> Eh, destroying reality works too. But as I said before, might want to get those minions to help take care of El Fatso or whatever his name was.
You may want to do something different now.
> Why do we have minions again? Oh, forget it, go find wherever they are and get them to follow you. The more people to punch someone in the face with, the better.
*slams keyboard*