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Snippets of My Life

Exactly what it sounds like.

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So some background. It's been really stormy these past couple of months where I live, and just three-ish years ago, we were going through a state-wide drought. And now suddenly it's storming so much we're getting flooded everywhere. This incident happened yesterday. I took transit to work like always, so I knew it was raining and there were some pretty strong winds, but around 2:50 in the middle of my shift, the power goes out. And we lost all of our calls and computer work. And the door leading to the hallway has an electronic security lock, so since the power was out, we were essentially trapped. And our supervisor was telling us to stay anyway just in case the power came back on, but in the meantime we could just fuck around on our phones (and that gave me enough time to sketch this comic on paper). Luckily the power came back on after like thirty minutes, but everyone was kinda pissed because they all wanted an excuse to go home early. Heheh, it's not that easy fellas TTvTT

I didn't care so much about leaving early because I'm already a truant at this point just because I hate waking up early (yeah I know I'm being really childish but I've been having some emotional/motivational issues, heh, heheh >.>), but what I was most annoyed about was the fact that I was finally going to make a sale with a customer who was having trouble deciding what to do. I was being really patient too, and they evaluate performance based on transactions (like any job, really...), and I was about to make a decent transaction. And I lost everything. At least they still paid us all for the half-hour we spent there in the dark, so I'm gonna get an extra $5 out of my paycheck. I just............I just felt sad I couldn't help that customer.

And so many people stayed on hold, we were hoping the callers would get discouraged and leave. But nope. When you're taking calls practically all over the country and some out of country, that kind of thought's just ridiculous ;v;

Oh yes, and I'm wearing glasses now. I used to wear them while I was still in school (before college), but decided I didn't need them. Now I need them because of eyestrain, again............................and so I can legally drive once I get my license
On another note, Happy (early) Valentine's Day >.>
February 11th, 2017
@kidcthulhu: OHMYGOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT ;A; I'm so happy you like my series. Hopefully I can get back into my panels someday (maybe once I get a less stressful job and better sleeping habits >.>), but I'm glad you like my stuff ^ ^
February 11th, 2017
Well I just binged your entire comic in a single sitting (your comic comes up as being similar to mine according to SmackJeeves, so that's how I found you).

It's been an interesting read and I really like your style. Don't give ever up; I look forward to eventual updates.
I know my art isn't professional/master level or anything, but I still think at least some people might enjoy this............or maybe it's just wishful thinking >.>
Yyyyyyyyyeah, this kind of music gives me all sorts of crazy ideas, and that can be both good and bad for me >.>
It's like artistic exercise for me at this point, until I can get it from being exercise to being a pastime again
Just thought I'd let you guys know. My apologies in advance.
Currently I'm playing a PC game called Stardew Valley. It's adorable. I love it. I love a few particular characters there. Each character's story is cute. Gah >.>
Just thought I'd let you guys know since I've been inactive here for a long, long, long time. I have a Deviant Art page as well, but I've been slightly more active over there and apparently haven't uploaded a page in three months(?), so I'm going to post a page here with a couple things to say:

1. My tablet's been fixed for a while now, but I'm no longer going to focus on my art. Instead, I will be focusing most of my energy writing some stories I've had on the back-burner for years, as well as other things.

2. I will still continue to draw comics like I've been uploading here, but the pages will have a different kind of story-telling style to them, as well a few other elements I was thinking of adding. But I will save that for later once this semester of school is out of the way.

3. Expect more hiatus-ness out of me. Yeah. I'm not through with my shit yet >.>
*I'm not dead*

Just one day when we were bored and I got him to doodle with me. Like our new hairstyles? ovo
Yep >.>
I sure hope you guys can read this. I only drew this so I could keep up my comic and my artistic motivation >.>
Don't worry if you don't recognize Godot. He's just a fictitious character I'm trying so hard not to copy in my new story ;^;

In other words, check out my new haircut =w=
Aaaah, it's so fun to have my thoughts constantly interrupted by calls ;v;
I drew this around the time I first began working where I work now. Had a hypothetical dialogue with myself about my own handwriting and lack of artistic skill with a traditional pen and paper =3=
I don't feel right about sharing this here because it's on paper and unpolished, but I reassure you, once I get a new tablet I'll fix it up and repost it.

Anyway, for the time being, I have returned. My printer works again, so now I can finally scan some of the drawings I've been doodling at work. They're gonna be messy, but it's the least I can do to keep you guys up to date about what's been going on with my life. More information here (please copy/paste into URL search bar): [ ]
May 10th, 2016
This is just to let you all know I'm still not dead. I'm just challenged right now. I'm having trouble scanning my doodles I do at work too, so I have no other way to let you guys know I'm still here.

In the meanwhile, if you're interested in my gallery where I upload various other things (still a bit inactive for the time being), you can visit my DeviantArt page at []
More details here: (, so copy/paste into URL search.

Long story short: tablet's been getting Alzheimer's, and now it's gotten to the point where the only way I can fix it is by reinstalling the program. I shouldn't have to do this more than five times in a year just to maintain one tablet, but since I'm saving up to move and paying for rent, I don't know when/if I'll be able to buy myself a new one, or what kind I should even get.

So yeah, for the time being, I'll be doodling on paper from time to time and uploading them to my Deviant Art ( until I can afford a new tablet, but I promise I'll return someday this year TT^TT