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Happy Retail Boy

Happy Retail Boy

by HRBAdmin
The worlds most disgruntled retail employee gets to have his revenge on the people who made his life a living hell.
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Happy Retail Boy

The worlds most disgruntled retail employee gets to have his revenge on the people who made his life a living hell.


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RIP James.
Hello everyone, welcome back to Happy Retail Boy. We are going into the busy season at work and things are going to be friggin crazy, but first, I wanted to say a heartfelt rest in peace to my friend James who passed away this past week, he was a reader of the comic and a part of the Radioactive Chicken Heads fangroup known as the Radioactive Army. I hope you rest well old friend.
Sex Appeal! :D
@BananaUhl: Thanks for reading the comic, sex appeal yo! :D Boob is definitely one of the classiest people to ever wear a speedo! ;)
Class F Planet.
Seems about right. I would consider earth's population failing to notice that THE STARS ARE FUCKING COOL, LIKE HOLY SHIT LOOK AT ALL THOSE STARS AND SHIT THEY ARE TIGHT AS FUCK!
WHY is that guy wearing a pink speedo?!?! I don't care about the color but WHY A SPEEDO OF ALL THINGS?!?!?
It was hard to write this honestly.
Hello everyone, it was honestly pretty hard to write this part, its based on how I felt when I was stuck in a shitty trailer in the middle of nowhere for a long time waiting for probate to finish to see if I could keep the land my mom left us. Spoilers, the bank cancelled her insurance when they found out she was not doing well so they could get the land and trailer back.

I hated living there honestly, having my own place allowed for some good times, but the fact I worked all day and night to just afford the basics like food and water was shit, I drove for an hour and twenty minutes one way to get to or from work and the closest grocery store was 25 miles away.

I, for the longest time, envied my brothers, they found their way out but I was stuck until I finally ran away from it when I was 25. I am much happier these days, though I still have waking nightmares I am still stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Hope everyone is doing well. - Mike
The truth is revealed.
Todd just found out he has died over 65 times. That is something that would be unnerving for anyone.

This part, I loved writing it so much, I can right a wrong I made when I first started writing comics way back in the day! GROWTH! YUS.
It's getting serious.
No jokes this week, its gonna get sort of serious haha. Yes.

Good shit.
What a week....
So far its been a week.
The Tale of two dumb asses.

Holy fuck we dun fucked up and forgot to post last week. I looked at the page and said it was fantastic. And gave Sarah her computer back.

Somewhere along the way she said "Did you post the page?" and I said no, she said I should post it, then I fell asleep.

Im so so so sorry. Holy shit dudes. ._.
Hello everyone! We have updated! Also, I have written up several pages and shit is about to GET HEAVY.
FUCK. Im so sorry. ._.
I know it's late again, I really have got to get my shit together...

I can't apologize enough, it's been a pretty tough few years, to be honest, and I have been struggling for quite some time with my mind and being able to get out of a serious funk, ever since I graduated from college I have felt lost, struggling to figure out what to do in life but all I know I want to do is create things that make people happy but I can't find a way to do that, I've also been struggling with debts and it really sucks.

I'm sorry. You all make creating the comic fun and I love writing this, promise I will try and get my shit together eventually.
Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting page of Happy Retail Boy! I have nothing new going on and I desperately want to get some sleep and have a day off.

Next week I will be in Philly for a work thing so I will be walking Sarah through how to post the comic! If somehow there is technical difficulties I will be back Sunday March 3rd or something like that to post the comic then with a profuse amount of apologies!

Remember to drink some water!
Long year so far.
It's been a long year so far and we are only 45 days in. Just sayin.

So we have started to work on our own videogames, hopefully we will have something to show someday! In the meanwhile, ENJOY THE PUNS!!!!!!!
Good news everyone!
I finally fit in another Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Joke in the dialogue! I thought I would share.

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday as well, it was swanky. I baked her a cheesecake, a regular cake, spaghetti, and ribs.
We're back.
Hey everyone, sorry about last week....

Not to use it as an excuse but so you know I have been pretty sick lately, as has Sarah. Damn sick season. If you are sick and go to work, its not being "Brave or badass" its being an asshole and infecting people who don't have insurance. :/
No real news
Hey everyone, nothing really new is going on, just sort of going through the days and stuff. Hope you are all well.
Havent been feeling too social as of late...
Sorry everyone, I know I havent been as social as I normally am but I really havent been feeling too much like myself as of late, lots of worries on my mind and just not enough time or money to vent them all. :/ - Mike the writer
Happy new year everyone!!!
Well technically it isn't the new year yet but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Lets make it an awesome new year!
That's a lot of bureaucracy!
Colt's gotta fill out papers!

Thats a lot of papers.

This has been a week...
Hello ladies and gentlemen, its been a week. A long week, and some people make disgusting choices. I hate how the world has been acting lately.

Anyhow, I hope you are all doing well this holiday season. Take care of one another please. - Mike