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Path of a Raven

This is a story of a woman by the name of Shard Tenor.

After running into Lilen and her companion Marko, Shard becomes dragged into a conflict with the family she abandoned long ago.

Fillers will be posted on other days.

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@crasharthur: Years of practice, trial and error.
My god. Through the kneecap!
Awesome sprites! How you did it?
Did that guy seriously just let Shard ditch their fight? He doesn't look that badly hurt.
Damn right through the kneecap. That hs got to hurt.
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Thanks for reading!~
@Hyper Shadow: That's just her hair actually.
Really nice picture in panel four. Really like the scar on the right eye.
Nothing really to say about this one. Just don't forget to comment, rate, and/or fav.

Thanks for reading!
@Hyper Shadow: Come on, Jason. Wouldn't it make sense that the soldiers are trained for this?
We've got two nameless soldiers with sword, against a couple of main characters. If they get out alive that would be impressive.
Looks like I can't keep a regular update schedule here like I wanted to, between school and my job. But not to worry I haven't given up on this comic and you can still count on updates in the future.

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Sorry there wont be an update this week. I'm working on life and a larger update for hfr.
So many Shaaaaarrrds...
Just a heads up may not make the next update by next Friday due to the sprites I need to make for it.

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@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: Well I guess Shard turned about 40 degrees. Kinda hard to show that when the bridge is 2D. Meant for it to be just her walking past her.