Stupid poop is a collection of many original comics ranging from short six panel gags to multi-page stories all created by the same person. Their name, Stupidpoop, is exactly how I feel about them. Current comics within this grouping are Stupidpoop, Mantis and Cicada, and the Sharkmen.

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Dance battle!
Woo the bugs are back in town
I really enjoy reading about mantis and cicada
I need to update more.... ennnnnnnnggggggggg, I hope you guys like this. Thanks for staying tuned friends.
Mantis best bug.
I love you both so much lol
So tired lol. Just finished a huge commission and had to redraw this. Thanks for reading, sorry for always being late.
Fun facts!
Arthropoda is commonly referred to as a superphylum, with crustacea and hexapoda (insects) being different subphyla, so despite them being in the same phylum, they're technically seperate!
If I remember correctly, insects are technically a group within Crustacea.
Sea Cicadas, Mole crabs, or Sand Fleas use to be some of my favorite crustaceans as a kid. I’d catch them at the beach. Apparently they’re edible, which is kinda cool. This one is Cicada’s friend though.
Noted: don't talk about his mom.
The thrilling conclusion to this arc about rapping arthropods.
Oh Krystal, you silly preposterous thing - from one bad habit to another.
This was probably the hardest time I’ve had with writing a Mantis and Cicada page! The rap battle finally happened! I love cute arthropods and I like rap so yes.
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Just ordered cool enamel pins recently too! I plan to open up preorders soon.
I finally add a Dragonfly to my comic! Thanks for reading guys, shits about to get real.
Sorry about the late update friends!
look for
Maybe have a professional look for your spine?

Things are starting to heat up in Mantis and Cicada
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