Cut's Corner!

Hey, so I decided to make this silly strip revolving around the character Cut Man from the classic CAPCOM game "Mega Man", having his own TV show of sorts. Cut Man's notable for having a bit of an ego, as well as making puns that could make anyone shrug. Perfect candidate for a comic.

The comic intends to update on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule, but it's main purpose moreso is simply to see if I can get someone a quick laugh while having some fun myself making comic pages. Hopefully, you'll enjoy. If not, feel free to send me your hate mail :P

If you do like it, though? I don't know, keep reading it or something, shamelessly favorite it, devote your life to it, the usual

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200 comics... That's SOOOO *hic* great. Beta and Mega was SO close before, ya know. Then we had that *hic* stupid reboot and then decided to leave it in the *hic* dust. And what's worse is that the *hic* reboot kicked me out the comic. Now all that I have is my OWN *hic* c-comic, but that lazy a-*hic* Beta Man won't work on it until he gets "in the mood". WELL YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS, BETA!? HUH!? ...200 *hic* comics.

...I used to BE someone, *hic* ya know?

(All jokes aside, congrats, Boss. The only comic of our whole community to rival yours is BCA, and who knows, maybe you'll be noticed by the likes of "up there" comic makers. But for being able to do something Pre-reboot Beta and Mega failed to do... To you, sir, I tip my hat. And I will see you at 250 and beyond.)
The comment sections on Cut's Corner are pathetic. Not that it's the author's fault..
That'll serve Ballade for Rushing into things,

Also, Cut did die about two chapters ago.
Inb4 cut man attempts to just deal with the fact Ballade is in second form, and tries to fight back but clearly gets his butt whooped.
cut man is a meanie
I always thought Ballade's alternate mode was cool. =)
Two heads are better than one.
HALF a head, on the other hand...
Yeah but the the thing is, the scissors on Cut Man's head are inanimate objects that Cut Man throws back and forth, whereas Tango/Punk both curl up into spiky ball things which attack their enemies. It would make less sense for Cut Man to be referring to his scissors. Not to mention Tango is the ONLY (forgive me if I'm wrong here) robot with a ability similar to Punk's. The design of Tango is specifically ment to represent a cat, which is the exact animal Cut Man was talking about.
@RedBomber : But Tango is Roll's cat. Cutman maybe referring to his "cut".
That's bullshut.
It's true. Tango can also do that.
Hey, you PUNK! THAT COST ME 1000 SCREWS! I'm going to crush you for that.

Get it? =)
Wait when was Dr.Light married to Frieza.
@Guest: Probably all the parts that hasn't been completely erased and wiped from documents / recordings entirely