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Goblin Stone


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gosh golly gee willikers batman

I love this comic so much and I hope Hillava is okay D:
Here's to a start of another chapter! : D
End of Chapter 1! It's here finally! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This page took longer than expected, but Goblin Stone just wont stay dead! And we're getting ever closer to the end of chapter one. Whenever that'll be at this rate.
February 18th, 2019
@JFP I accidentally mixed their names in page 36 but fixed it. The smaller one is Sister Sun, the bigger one Sister Kuu.
February 17th, 2019
Are they both called Sister Sun?
February 17th, 2019
She uses the magical stone to remove the shards from her sister's face. Fascinating. (read this with Larry King's voice)
February 10th, 2019
Bet Tim's head is spinning after that, huh?
I really enjoy drawing these gals. -3-
December 26th, 2018
lol I love all the facial expressions on this page. And your colors and creature designs amazing as always ;w;
December 25th, 2018
Well, this is ominous
December 23rd, 2018
same 2 u
December 22nd, 2018
Happy Holidays and safe New Years, readers! :)
December 17th, 2018
@dracone Thank you for noting me about these typos. :D I'm crap at proofreading.

Seb speaks a dialect that's a smashup of scottish/irish/english slang and yeah he's pretty intoxicated at this point.
December 16th, 2018
I would point out another grammatical error here, but given the nature of how people slur and/or fumble their words when drunk, I think it works here. After all, you did say he was getting wasted
December 16th, 2018
I found a slight grammatical error, "Another hunter from Elbrook have been found dead" that "have" is supposed to be a 'has' or it should be structured so it says 'Another group of hunters from Elbrook have been found dead'

It all depends on the context. If it's just one person, as the follow-up portion in the frame suggests, then it's best to have it set things like the first example
November 7th, 2018
Who just scolded Tim for screaming, huh?
October 25th, 2018
*Kings of Leon - Closer playing faintly in the distance*
October 23rd, 2018
To celebrate the 40th comic page I updated the cover art. :>
October 20th, 2018
It's meant to read "rustle rustle" in the last panel but I forgot how it was written.

Also this is the 40th page. Wop woop!