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The life and times of a chronic doodler and her imaginary aquantance.


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How did she lose her arm again?
Ahaha these Bitchface Pokemon girls are just awesome. <3
hee :3 "for the love of Mew" xD
What's wrong with Nick?
Phoenix Wright is murder-mystery novels, a bunch of silly dialogue, and exaggerated characters all wrapped in one hilariously addictive series.
THe only people I got got is my dog and mom, dad
oooo i wish they all really existed *o*
March 3rd, 2010
the guy's face is cute X3
i like the mouths :D i wonder what they're looking at :3
ooo smexy pose! i like the hands too :D
That's the best thing ever.
Woah, that's really cool looking.
And that's awesome! ^^ Congrats on first place!
damn that would be bad ass. And i didnt think of it first blah.
Jeremy Irons can sing all of my dialog, and then Robbin Williams can describe it all in over-exaggerated detail, and make up shit about how I killed a million bad guys with swords.

It would be PERFECT.
but that would conflict with you having jeremy irons singing your life. which in a twisted way goes with how your disorders in theroy cancel each other out...head hurts. laying down now
That would probably be the coolest dramatic entrance ever.
I think about stuff like that all the time. XD
... Very well played.
XD Because I lived in a dorm at an art school. EVERYTHING there smelled like pot.
And you know what pot smells like how? *gives you the eye* I'm just messing. I like the fox though. I swear I saw that in a dream once.
January 4th, 2010
I think this is the most accurate I've ever been to my mental picture of Lorena.
There's a reason Yubon doesn't wear his hair down.

It's because he looks awful.