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Ducks are important.


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nice HL reference
November 7th, 2018
I just binge-read this, and I love it! Thank you for making this.
@MR Paint: I knew it would be a good idea to set comment replies to an email and to tie that email to my phone and check my phone and direct back here to see the reply that someone sent to me
@Starmanfan: I knew it'd be a good idea to check back at a comic that I commented on before to see whether or not anyone replied back to it.
@MR Paint: I knew it would be a good idea to randomly click nuzlocke comics under the similar comic tab and find this as the most recent comment
Too bad the animated pages are smaller when you upload them from URL. I'll just post the link, I guess.
@zacksims123: Sweet. I knew It'd be a good idea to read more comics.
October 19th, 2015
Nice reference
"fuck you" made me laugh really hard...again. it's one of my favorite jokes in your whole comic.
September 28th, 2015
@Neopolis: You can just directly link the image from deviantArt. Underneath the upload button there's a tab for entering a URL. Just paste the deviantArt image URL into there and you'll be able to upload it regardless of size.
September 28th, 2015
@zacksims123: I thought I'd upload it here. But it turns out some episodes can't upload properly cause they're too big so I'll have to find a way around that. :|
September 27th, 2015
Oh, goodness! You're on Smackjeeves now? I absolutely LOVED your run!! I read it on dA.