Ennui GO!

A woman accidentally gets billions of dollars. She rapidly loses her grip on reality when anything becomes possible. Sink into depravity, friendship, and ennui.

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22 minutes ago
raised lettering

pale nimbus
I'm your prom date, you ugly sack of shit.
dont really care for xoltan or bald, but i wish you would show us frankie more.
Hey, just because you're villain number 1 doesn't mean you can't be environmentally friendly.
Recycling is evil, dawg.
The Z button is above the R button.
What we don't see is all the other members lining up for this.
when i read this i was like, oh boy, oh boy and then... Noah-bomb!
Noah, Never change.
The nude room only activates on detecting colder than normal body temp, not hotter than normal.
Guess he couldn't make the chop.
I want that coffee mug
Goth girl gotta big butt
i dont think mosaic should count as weird, it's new, but it's still a pretty decent comic.
@scandinavian: Yes.
January 22nd, 2017
@Some dude: I update daily my dude, you won't have long to wait!
Caught Up
Just caught up woo! Now i get to wait fornew comics like some kind of lameo