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Speak of the Devil

by Coyote_Imagination
So there he was, just minding his own business, creating a demonic summons and a girl had to come barging in and bleed on it. Now his body is trapped in a college girl's soul, and that is not a place anyone would want to be.
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4 Years Ago
So there he was, just minding his own business, creating a demonic summons and a girl had to come barging in and bleed on it. Now his body is trapped in a college girl's soul, and that is not a place anyone would want to be.

Recent Comments

October 29th, 2015
i think this got posted several times haha
i love the girl i hope the boy gets in the mood for shaking it too
good luck on your test
Sorry for the lack of updates, tests have been crazy! But here is a quick sketch of these two dorks that I love so much. I'll probably replace this with the coloured version sometime. But for now here they are : )
@ponography: His soul is in that body that has been shown in the comic so far, and he was trying to summon back his body but she barged in and ended up having his body that was suspended in limbo is now within her soul.
October 25th, 2015
so not-satan's soul is inside the boy but not-satan's body is inside the girl?
Totally A Dream.
Thank You!
@Kaminori: Sorry this is late! But thank you! I do appreciate your comment : ) I hope to put up some more updates soon with some more back story and maybe even a few more laughs!
Goodness This Page
This page is one of the easiest I've done, but gave me the most difficulty I don't know why! But it's up and I'm happy with that. So yea, some things actually getting explained, woo hoo! So yep, look at this dork, being an all powerful demon and all. So precious.
October 21st, 2015
This is really cute. I don't know if that's the best word to use, but i love it nonetheless. I can't wait fort he next update.
Computer Fixed!
So I got my computer all fixed and pretty this afternoon, so that's why this page is so late! I would like to continue to put out a page a day, so lets see if life will let me! I hope you enjoy bad jokes because this isn't the only page with them! I'm actually quite fond of this page, so I hope you guys are too! Thank you! : )

And I promise this stuff will start making sense soon!
She does have a bit of a temper
@ponography: I'm coming up with ideas as I get each new page sometimes it'll be a comedy short and others will be the continuation of a story arc. I'm glad you like it so far, I hope to continue to make some good pages!
well, i'm enjoying reading it. i like how she wants to fight everything
i'm waiting to see where the plot goes, thank you for coming thru with a new page in these tryin times
@Anon: Thank you for your comment! I'll colour coordinate their text better and give each character their own colour of text I'll draw a line indicator to tell which character is speaking too! Thank you for that!
I love how your art style is so far! The flow of the story throws me off sometimes, but reading the page once or twice helps me realize which character is speaking and who they are talking to. This could be my own problem, but I look forward to reading more!
My computer crashed on me a total of six times, but I had to get this done. I saved every two seconds,and rebooted, then sometimes had to wait while things loaded. Oh my goodness, it was crazy. But here I am, standing on top! With a comic page! Sorry some things seemed rushed, they kinda were, I wanted to make sure I got the important parts in, and kind of skimmed over other things. But here it is, I hope you enjoy! : )...I'm gonna go have a damn cookie, I think I have my right to one.

Also feel free to let me know what you think of the comic, I'm enjoying drawing it, but would like to know opinions from other people! Maybe even some of your ideas to what will happen next in the future. Thanks!
Just So
Just a cute little background I decided to draw for this comic. I might eventually put it into the background for the layout, but that day is not this day! So here are the little dorks x1000. Oh happy days...
2nd Page
The artful skill of trip the ambushing girl. I've never seen it used with such grace.
Hey Hey
So I'm not sure what will become of this, but right now it's a little comedy comic that I will be drawing with no real seriousness behind it. It might take on a spin of drama, a taste of suspense, but right now it will be jokes, references, and good ol' demonic humor. Who is with me?

So Yup.