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Kirby's Dream Experience

Truly a Kirby Experience! Far and wide we have puffballs
all over contributing to the life of Dream Land in all personalities. I control them, if you don't know, along with the infamous Murphy's Law. Not that they know this is for entertainment, but let's try not to break the fourth wall, shall we?

~New updates every single day, make sure to check in at 4:00am for a comic, but second updates are 4:00pm!~


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Yay, Kirby's 25th anniversary! You guys heard of the new multiplayer platformer for Kirbs right? What do you think it will be. My dad's trying to get me acquainted with some guy named Jack Daniels if you know what I mean.
Sneaky sneaky!

Wow okay your Dark Meta has standards
Lol mine has no shred of honor ;w;
@Light and Shadow: :3 Glass of water hmm?

Warpstar: Oh and it's the 25 birthday for kirby? Didn't know '-' welp
Gonna go celebrate Kirby's birthday with a cupcake and "GLASS OF WATER" (shifty eyes)
Uh huh, you know it, I remembered Kirby's 25th birthday. Well sorta. See, I made this comic kinda late and when I was done I was supposed to be in bed. But then I remebered, "AH! KIRBY'S 25 TOMMOROW!" So I put this in it, and my computer had no connection, so I had to upload it from my tablet. Then, I turned of the computer and made sure it worked, but it got it without Kirby in thete. So I had to GO BACK when it was really risky and try again. And no one found out! My dad dosen't read my comics, so I'm fine...

@Elemental Kirby: I wonder if it has something to do with a previous or character that's evil.
one of the puffballs can just carry the waddle dee
I wouldn't mind a Wapod balloon. They're already translucent and the bottom is perfect for the string to go on.
I don't know bout you, but I'd like a Waddle Dee ballon right about now.
I'll only say this about it, if the page was smaller, it might be easier to load. Especially if you have internet as slow as mine.
So DMK's ultimate evil plan is to make people do stuff.

Maybe he should start with Korly.
But... Dreamland's supposed to be lazy! It's in the name!
Oops, I was trying to release this by 4.

I think I would have to agree with Kordy here.
Finally on the latest segment! Just a little over 100 pages to go before I'm caught up completely.
I'm going to have to give a late update today.
My imagination needs exercise. Or discipline. I'm not sure which.
I think I'm starting to enjoy dark meta knight as a character, wonder if the two swords held together can do something amazing.