Kirby's Dream Experience

Truly a Kirby Experience! Far and wide we have puffballs
all over contributing to the life of Dream Land in all personalities. I control them, if you don't know, along with the infamous Murphy's Law. Not that they know this is for entertainment, but let's try not to break the fourth wall, shall we?

~New updates every single day, make sure to check in at 4:00am for a comic, but second updates are 4:00pm!~


Recent Comments

Thats probably why it always crashes, this is also why my metaknight got an kirby to help him out.
It's like the Halberd crashes because no one's actually driving the thing.
Stealth Mode: Engaged!
A little devious smile for your troubles, please?
Of course I would have internet issues the day you decide to do something like this. Anyway what'd I miss?
How can you be so sure that an unknown species wearing a mask that owns a whopping battleship is a good guy?
This, is actually a pretty interesting turn of events. Never, in a 100 years would I have thought of this.

That makes me wonder, how many prototypes were/are there?
When I look at this, it really makes me feel bad for my own character.
@TheJGamer: Squeak Squad Level 3.
Where is the background from? (Game, not site)
This is a lot of planning in my head for why everyone else is here. We haven't even gotten to the bigger part/action of the story.

A little heart pounding. If that makes sense.
Sounds like she's got some beef with Shadow Kirby.
I'm sorry for missing all these days, people. But things might be better now.

If Kordy were a bag of chips he'd be Salt and Vinegar flavored.
Smacked her so hard she almost phased out of reality.
Yep, he still regrets nothing.

And yes, Kordy, you're a salty one.
Oh, the pain!
Pillar to the everything!
I don't know about you, but that kick slide was a pretty cool one.