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Dis is my art stash
...Some pictures are old so please excuse those :/

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Mid its ok. we are all here for you. And dont worry we all go through tough times. Youll get through this just keep your head up and try to be positive. We all love you Mid <3
I used to make up stories with my plastic tiger figures, the white tiger was the heroine and she usually had to save her boyfriend from the mean humans/dragons/dinosaurs/whoever was being the bad guy at the time.
Also I have the exact same type of unicorn and pegasus figurines as you do.
@WildfireK: that would've been awesome XD
XDDDD awesome we could have gone to each other's houses and did stop motion together X3
@WildfireK: eeey I once did a stop motion with my 3DS too!

Except I used some LPS and an old wooden barn that would open up like a doll house.
That. is. so. COOL!

I use to do that with an old phone my mom gave to us, my sister would pretend to be my dog and we would walk around outside recording us talking and 'barking'. =D
my sister did that with some stuffed animals and it was amazing
That is amazing and should be an actual tv series I would watch the peannut butte rout of that <3

Like awrsome!

I used to do that too with my 3DS I'd film stop motion videos of my angry birds
(Featuring Rub thw red bird, Terence the big red bird but green like in Angry Birds Space, and Helmet Pig) XD

They would often battle the Clocktower from Epic Mickey who I was obsessed with
Something about the way his face fell off when he died really stirred something deep inside me that I loved him so mUCH XD

Also can I just say your bed looks amazing
Okay, since I’m feeling really sad and anxious at the moment, I thought that maybe sharing some older characters would help. So here we go.

These characters were made when I was in 3rd grade. So like, 8 or 9 years old. I had recently gotten some camcorder thing, which I could use to record stuff. Being the kid I was who loved making up stories and characters with her toys, I was thrilled that I could make videos of these stories. XD
And so began the reign of Angeldog and my camcorder. She’s the one in front, if you can’t tell. Angeldog was part of some broadcasting company, I think, and I would pretend that my camcorder was a professional camera filming her as she adventured and reported on stuff. I would often carry her around the house, pretending she was flying and journeying, as she commented on and reported on stuff like giant cats and flying boats.

However, it wasn’t just the news that Angeldog did, but it also followed an episode-like format, with jokes and characters and a story to it?? And that’s where all these peeps in the background came in. They were supporting characters :3
Unicorn and Pegasus were kinda bland, tbh. They were just a typical mother and father raising their child, and they’d often not enter episodes by saying “oh we have to take care of our baby”.
Griffin and Jade Dragon both had jobs of their own, I think they were guardians or something? I don’t remember what Jade Dragon’s personality was like, but I know that Griffin was the serious type.
Sea Dragon was actually pretty chill, and I think Angeldog would often hang out with him :3
And Chimera was Angeldog’s best friend, and the one who would accompany her most on episodes. Despite his appearance, he was actually pretty fun and light-hearted, with a good sense of humor :3
(lmao I only put the crystal wing dog thing there to show off, I got her after I was done with the camcorder)

And uhh shoot I realized that this is going kinda long I’ll try wrapping it up
But Angeldog’s personality was pretty much a social butterfly, and she loved to fly around and check up with what’s going on with her friends and see the world and meet new people, and like Chimera, she had a good sense of humor. One flaw to her personality though is that she was a pretty prideful person, and would often mention how fabulous she was, which would sometimes backfire on her (especially around Griffin that stoic dude)

And lastly, at the end of each episode, they’d dance to Disco Duck :D
May 10th, 2018
They look amazing better than I ever did and Middy if you ever want to talk you can just pm <33
I'll alway be here for you
May 10th, 2018
man im in a huge spriting phase too my profile pic says it all

Love the colors! I wish I was better at coloring sprites...
Eh homework stinks anyways
because im too depressed for homework which in turn makes me more depressed
oh well
at least they look cute

I hope you do good! I bet you'll get a great grade ;)

I bet you'll ACE your test! =3
This looks so good, i love the fur texture and the colour scheme and the anatomy and the shading and everything!! You've improved so muuuuch :3

Good luck on your exam! <3
Ooooo pretty! I love the texture!

Good luck on your test!
The fur texture is amazing wow!

Good luck on your test!
w h o a it's so clean and smooth but somehow still textured???
How do you do it

Woo credit stuffs have fun XD
Good luck 'n allll