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Cutesy superhero adventures. 'Nuff said.


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I like this style, it's cute.

Your art has really improved.
Fan (Guest)
October 13th, 2009
Love it!
I love your work! Totally KOTOR is my favorite, but this is great, too! Keep 'em coming!
September 11th, 2009
E is for Evil
A try at things in a little bit of a different style, now. Totally Heroic hasn't quite found the style that's right for it...yet.

I'll keep working on that for ya.
Keyblades are awesome, thank you very much.
Sorry I didn't mean to force opinion, it is funny though
I <3 that mouse skull on his shirt.
He can diss them if he want's to. It's a matter of personal choice. Don't force your tastes down everyone else's throats tvm.
Fun comic!
Disney doesn't do that, in fact Disney is awesome, and all this means for marvel is that you may see a mickey mouse poster in the background, and don't diss KH, cause that kick's ass
Marvel VS Disney!
When I found out that Disney is buying out Marvel Comics, I was pretty much ready to jump off a cliff. Soon, though, I calmed down, and instead started getting ready to push Walt Disney off a cliff!

Then I found out that somebody must've beat me to it, 'cause apparently he's already dead.

Now that my childhood heroes are all being bought by my other, somewhat less cool childhood heroes, I am fully expecting a Kingdom Hearts game featuring the X Men. Oh joy, won't that be fun. And I can't help but shake the feeling that certain more "edgy" Marvel heroes might face a style change...

Oh well. At least they'll have Iron Man action figures in my local Disney store. And maybe some cool T-Shirts too!
Bu Bum Bum!!
Cue in the totally cliched origin story.
the guys got yoda on his shirt,lol.
Great work,but if you made a banner then maybe more people than me would read it.

Love the cover, nice seal and loove the character, Whats her super power?
Ahhhhhh... intresting