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As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant him eyes, grant him eyes.
yoyo itcha boi vestiglers here im back real quick with a good whoop imma bout to bring it down
This level of explosion is what happens when you bring a gun into a gun free zone.
"You cant do that, this is a gun free zone!"
His name was Jim, RIP Jim!!!
Bonk him back!!
Supreme bonkage...!
He looks like vestige!
Surprisingly enough, freshly cooked pasta
June 9th, 2018
oh, I’m excited about the next few pages
at some point I’ll try to elaborate on the comic’s political environment
He should play poker.
Some people spend their entire day, every day of the week drawing comics. I’ve never met them but I’d like to know what they had to reject to commit to that lifestyle.
What does pure evil smell like? Taco Bell?
These rabbits are an actual large metal statue in that park which is located in the town over from me, Dublin OH.
The artwork on Texas’s phone was drawn by Malliya on Tumblr.
...he look like bigfoot.
LSD, thata's why.
Yes, Arthur, work like a dog, keep producing content without rest.
look at the neckbeard
Umm, dude, you look like you're about to start leaking again.