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Animation here:

Basically a short animation for a thing called a "Multi Animator Project" in which someone leading the project picks a song and divides the parts. Then animators can pick what part they want and make an animation to work with it, usually with some sort of theme. The song here was "Waiting for Love" and the line I picked works well with Kaushal and Sylvia IMO.
They're ready for zombies.
Weapons that are chainsaws and also other weapons are some of my favorites
Contest entry, the mixture of the ex assassin and the chainsaw wielding psycho. They create one deadly killing machine, with a new weapon, the Buzzsaw blade, with the reach of the chainsaw, the sharpness of the Shuriken, the Shuriken spins to become a Buzzsaw, allowing I credible piercing and slashing power.
June 15th, 2016
Funny story behind this sprite; I was originally making it a week or two or three ago, then Photoshop crashed, and I just gave up on remaking it until now.
@aqua the hedgie: lol Ignore everything I said before I misread your comment.
@Royle McCulloch: Permission for what?
You can find the comic here if you will:


I realized less than a minute ago that it would be acceptable for me to post these here so why not
Small dog syndrome.
So, how do her shins look down there
her shoe size is probably "-2" and that.
Oh look they're about the same height as Aqua.
April 13th, 2016
i made a new fursona for myself
April 3rd, 2016
I'm guessing 16 is the final world. I don't know, it just looks
April 1st, 2016
I hope world [15] "Exceeds" our expectations? *smashes through window"
I'm so hyped for the next two worlds~ owo
Though I'm curious how Ket would react to the Cheshire Cat. >o>

But still, congratulations on the three years, and I can't wait for the future either. owo
Nice job... I'm beginning to think that the last one is either a haunted house... or a temple in Puzzles and Dragons