The Next Reaper

In a distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place...
What happens when a God runs away and the Devil closes its doors? What happens when Death is too old to go on with his work, and Life itself has gone mad? What happens... When the seven deadly sins break free and take hold of our world...?

The Next Reaper tells the story of Grim, the son of Death, as he fights his way through our world after the apocalypse. The humans have abandoned their beliefs in both God and the Devil, and due to this, their souls have transformed into giant materialized versions of the seven deadly sins, all depending on what sin they lived with in life.


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Our first flashback!
Fanta goats and Cola Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This week I've had a little break from school, what we in Sweden call a "Sport break"! That... sounds more like if we're taking a break from practicing for the Olympics... Hmm... Well I've had an amazing time, meeting up with friends and family c: Finally got to hug my favorite shrimp Jimp again, and we've been out on a bunch of sweet adventures! We went to see the new movie "A cure for wellness" the other day. Oh buds... The first thing I heard about that movie was that it includes scenes that stay in your mind for days, and sure thing. I can't stop thinking about especially one scene that really got STUCK in my head! Don't want to give away any spoilers, but it included tubes and eels... (scary scary scene) x-x
Because of the little vacation, this page is up a bit later than we're trying to aim for. But don't worry buds, next week we should be back to the normal schedule again B)

Speaking about the page... What's going ON here?? Grim is having his very first FLASHBACK! Yes indeed! We will experience a lot of these flashbacks throughout the story, to help us put together some parts of the puzzle and get us up to date with what has happened with all the characters before we came in.

This page (without the text) will be an available wallpaper for our Patrons on Patreon! If you want to help me and Jimp out, then feel free to check our Patreon page and MAYBE maybe even join the family and become a Patron! :D [ ]
Today we're also sending out some of the rewards to our suppoerters on Patreon! Handmade letters with personal text written on the back, and some pins! Hope to someday be able to send some of these stuff to you as well :)

That's it for now! You stay awesome now and keep on rocking!
- Jet Da "Fanta-Is-My-Favorite-It's-Yummy-Yum-Delicious!" Goat & Jimp the "No-way-Coca-Cola-For-LIFE!" Shrimp
@IcyFreak: Ahw, you're making me smile with that sweet comment of yours, bud c: Thank you so so much <3
What a great comic you have here! I absolutely love the character of Death and the way it is designed. And such a cool weapon design, it's refreshing compared to the usual curved design that reaper's weapons usually have. c:
@Xylas_Incarnum: Slam on! *Slam!* Slam Off! *Slam! Slam!* Slam on, Slam Off, the Slammer!
@Koal: You will see, my friend. In a few pages you will have your questions answered :)
February 18th, 2017
@JetDaGoat: But how can this thing have any practicality when swinging? its more of weird looking hammer than a scythe.
@Koal: Always expect the unexpected, mate! Everything comes with a reason B)
... The scythe blades are summoned via clapper system. (once for off, two for on.)
@Koal: Yeah, looks more like some kinda propeller than a weapon right now eh?
February 17th, 2017
What the hell kind of scythe is this???? I was expecting an actual curved blade.
Double blade?!
Strawberry goats and liquorice shrimps! How are we all doing today?

We're back again with another page and OH MY HOLY VANILLA BUN! ... Is that a BLADE I see? No, No wait. It's not a blade... It's TWO BLADES! Aha! I knew that stick was hiding something!

Earlier this week we had Valentine's day sneaking up on us. Did you celebrate it with friends, partners or maybe your family? No matter how you chose to celebrate it (IF you did) I hope you had a good day :) I know two that had a VERY good day: Our winning couple from the Valentine's day voting! Can you guess which ones we're talking about? Mhm. Mmmmhm. Yes. Yes indeed. Shapeless and Death took home the prize and got to celebrate the day together (I'm sure both of them found the prize to be very enjoyable <3)

You can download the full resolution picture on either our DeviantArt page ( or our Patreon ( to spread the undying love of our odd, but fabulous, couple ^u^

Now, the new pages are going to be published between a time span of 5 to 7 days. I'm so happy that you guys are so patient with us. Believe me, sooner or later we will be able to make these pages faster, but for the moment it's really really hard to publish more than what I wrote.

Stay awesome now, buds! And see you soon again with another page!
- Jet Da "I-Bought-Myself-Some-Chocolate-And-Played-On-My-PS4-To-Celebrate-Valentine's- Day" Goat & Jimp The "Meh-Chocolate-Is-Old-School-I-Ate-Pizza-Instead!" Shrimp
@Boss Floof: Time will tell what happens ;) We're excited to have you with us on this journey, bud!
This is sad considering that old reaper was the only sane dude around here
I'm excited to see how this story turns out, I just hope it stays inspirational and doesn't turn in to poor Grim being smashed against the sidelines again and again until he's left with nothing.
@Mystic Fire: Ahw thank you, bud! ^^ They are based on my co-writer Jimp's eyes so he says thank you as well c:
Love the color of Grims eyes
Thank you for 4k subs on Webtoons!
Golden goats and diamond shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! The very first thing I want to talk about this week is the absolutely INSANE amount of amazing support we've gotten from you buds! You have been so kind to us and your comments have really boosted both me and Jimp to keep working hard on this comic. So thank you so so much for that! And oh my! We recently hit over 4000 subscribers on Webtoons! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?? Everyone should go out and grab a muffin to celebrate this! Yes, get some sugar! It's Friday after all B)

We've put up a little thank you picture under the latest page on our Webtoons! Go check it out to see me and Jimp, in all his SHRIMPLY glory!

As for the page this week: Woah! NO MORE BLUE!! In the previous page Death, Shapeless and Grim leave the Mirror room (That we like to call it) and I gotta say... It feels kinda good to start using more colors again, haha :') Hope you like it! Took me some time to come up with the right colors for this one.

That's it for this week. As you know, we're trying to produce new pages a bit faster than before, so from now on it should take between 4 to 7 days to create a new page. Hopefully we can keep it up! We'll do our very best <3

Stay awesome now and keep on rocking!
- Jet Da "I-Bought-Some-Candy-This-Afternoon-And-Everything-Is-Already-Almost-Eaten-;_; " Goat & Jimp the "Does-My-Shrimp-Body-Look-A-Bit-Chubby-In-That-Thank-You-Picture?" Shrimp
@Mystic Fire: Gotta grow up FAST in the Underworld, bud!
Are they......seriously leaving him alone with that thing?
Hes like five minutes old!