The Next Reaper

In a distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place...
What happens when a God runs away and the Devil closes its doors? What happens when Death is too old to go on with his work, and Life itself has gone mad? What happens... When the seven deadly sins break free and take hold of our world...?

The Next Reaper tells the story of Grim, the son of Death, as he fights his way through our world after the apocalypse. The humans have abandoned their beliefs in both God and the Devil, and due to this, their souls have transformed into giant materialized versions of the seven deadly sins, all depending on what sin they lived with in life.


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Thank yah!
@MIgman: Haha, wonderful to hear, Migman! Thank you so much, really made our day to read your comment :)
January 14th, 2017
This is very beautiful work guys. Love the colours and the art, plot is so far enticing me along.

It's really good to come across wee gems like this that don't look like Manga.
@GamingNinja: Bob the fantastic \o/
lets name him Bob
Let's give you a name, boy-o!
Salad goats and cucumber shrimps! How are we all doing today?

AHHHHHH oh my, this week has been CRAZY filled with stuff to do! EVERYTHING (And I'm not joking now) that I'm currently working on has a deadline in the middle of March. Everything! When April gets here I'm going to be way too pumped up, going all "huh?? There's nothing more to do now?? What? NOTHING!?"

Let's talk about the page this week, shall we?
Shapeless keeps going parent-y on our little reaper, and Death, old and bitter as always, can't help but nagging about stuff. Everything's in order, so to speak!
And next week you guys will finally have a NAME for our newborn reaper kid! Looking forward? I know I'm looking forward to go play some Ark Survival Evolved, dang... I can't get enough of it! (I was a big Minecraft addict before, so now when I can ride DINOSAURS in kinda the game... CRAZY! I'm in love <3)

Stay awesome now, buds, and see you again soon!
- Jet Da "I'm-Gonna-Catch-The-Biggest-Rexie-In-The-Game" Goat & Jimp the "I'm-Gonna-Catch-The-Biggest-Chicken-In-The-Game!" Shrimp
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@Mystic Fire: RUN, BUD! RUUUN!
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@Mystic Fire: AH MAH GAWD!! Me is sorry... this had to happen sooner or later... D':
@Mystic Fire: D':
@Mystic Fire: Ahw, Grim says thank yah <3
@Mystic Fire: It's a hard world we're livin' in *rough texas music plays in the background* ... Maybe... But I can't tell you who, it's a bit hush hush you know... They don't take easy on snitchers around those parts O__O
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@malicemuffin: Thank you so much, mate! It's awesome to hear that you're enjoying our little adventure :3
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@Mystic Fire: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Wait, that's not the right story, now is it?
@Mystic Fire: Hahaha, is that so? HEY WAIT! ... Maybe Death and Shapeless are your grandparents...? O__O
@Mystic Fire: If you ever need inspiration for a great pep talk, just ask Death. He'll gladly give you his best advices \o/
@Mystic Fire: Haha, old daddy Death fears nuffin! And ahw, that's freaking awesome to hear, bud! Welcome to the family :)