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2573. In the alien occupation of humanity, sparks of rebellion inhabit a young man called Twin, whereas Pad is a more tempered spirit. During a clandestine night trip, they get involved into a larger separatist organization, on the onset of a revolution...


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Things are so grey at this point.
bordel de merde !
@memBrain: Suuuurpriiiiiise~
That was...unexpected.
Should have seen it know...with the gas mask and all...
@Bauldeury: Not just civil wars, but also jihad.
@memBrain: Aye. I don't know much about child soldiers, but I know they're still using them in civil wars in some places.
@Bauldeury: During Vietnam, this is a problem many American soldiers had to face. Children would attack them with guns, grenades, and any other weapons they could get their hands on. This was not a common occurrence, but happened enough that soldiers were wary of children. My half-brother’s father had to kill a 12 year old when he tried to use a grenade on his unit. Sad and pointless.
@memBrain: That last sentence sums up the whole point of the chapter, and a big part of the comic.
Stepping into adulthood...
The moment you pick up a gun, you become an adult. Sadly, there’s no good guys and bad guys in war, just us or them.
Sorry for the delay folks, this one is one day late. Long car-trip made me forget about this ^^
Sorry for the delay folks, this weekend has been quite hectic over there ^^
Sorry for the delay, my internet connexion died on me yesterday D:
Ow man, sorry for the delay x)

Just some casual conversation.
Oh shit, I forgot to upload this one friday ! Sorry folks ^^

Dang it, although I'm happy with the panneling, some actions were pretty hard to make clear. Especially this shoot where Lycia throws Twin. I looked at some judo pictures to help me, but egh.
September 13th, 2016
@Bauldeury: On se sent seuls ici :'D
(J'adore ton avatar, 'kulay)
September 13th, 2016
@Kiart: Exactement !
September 12th, 2016
Meow meow modahfuckerz
Mwrah. I had some internet issues, so the uploading took some delay. Since I'm traveling next week, maybe the next page will get some delay too. But don't worry, it won't affect the general schedule.
Sorry for the lateness ^^'
November 20th, 2015
Oops, forgot this one, so kinda late, sorry ^^