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2573. In the alien occupation of humanity, sparks of rebellion inhabit a young man called Twin, whereas Pad is a more tempered spirit. During a clandestine night trip, they get involved into a larger separatist organization, on the onset of a revolution...


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@Unknown : What could possibly go wrong? xD
Send the moon crashing
I wonder who he is really angry at?
June 5th, 2019
The other side
October 19th, 2018
-Insert any joke about the furry fandom here-
@Brian: Thanks :)
Nice Cover
Everyone died! Holy, Sh**
Absolutly not a nuke.
Yup definitely a nuke
@Guest: Retiring nuke symbols is useless I guess x)
He is going to nuke everyone
Things are so grey at this point.
bordel de merde !
@memBrain: Suuuurpriiiiiise~
That was...unexpected.
Should have seen it know...with the gas mask and all...
@Bauldeury: Not just civil wars, but also jihad.
@memBrain: Aye. I don't know much about child soldiers, but I know they're still using them in civil wars in some places.
@Bauldeury: During Vietnam, this is a problem many American soldiers had to face. Children would attack them with guns, grenades, and any other weapons they could get their hands on. This was not a common occurrence, but happened enough that soldiers were wary of children. My half-brother’s father had to kill a 12 year old when he tried to use a grenade on his unit. Sad and pointless.
@memBrain: That last sentence sums up the whole point of the chapter, and a big part of the comic.