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The Random Works of Assassin

by AssassinPerson
This is made so then I can get some practice as well as showing stuff like sprite sheets. This means that everything will be in no particular order and so looking through the list thing might help you see what you are looking for.
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3 Years Ago
This is made so then I can get some practice as well as showing stuff like sprite sheets. This means that everything will be in no particular order and so looking through the list thing might help you see what you are looking for.

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Yeah, I know. At the time of making her (which was quite a while ago actually), that was the only orange-coloured food I could think of. If I do change her name (which I might) then it won't be as boring as orange.

In fact. I'm going to do that now! I'm gonna research different foods of different colours to give the Eight Rainbow Eevee's more interesting names! Also, I have my Art Box up, with two pictures on it. More will be done once I get the time to do such a thing.
Orange. The Orange Eevee.
Such creativity.
I quote: "I see your aesthetics shining through!" ~ that guy in HG/SS who is overenthusiastic about dressing up your Pokemon in a picture frame
Dragon Claw (Dragon)
15 PP - 80 Attack - 100 Accuracy

Electro Ball (Electric)
10 PP - ??? Attack - 100 Accuracy (Attack based upon her speed conpared to target's speed)

Iron Tail (Steel)
15 PP - 100 Attack - 75 Accuracy

Grass Knot (Grass)
20 PP - ??? Attack - 100 Accuracy (Attack based upon the weight of the target)

HEIGHT: 1'02''
WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs

HP: 135
SPEED: 276

ABILITY: Lightningrod
NATURE: Careful
CHARACTERISTIC: Capable of taking hits

I made this, showing Conner putting his hood on and taking it off. There are a few frames that weren't used due to not being of importance.

DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION! If you do then I will beat you up because I made this.
Made this, using one sprite but multiple versions of it. So now, you can have Conner just blinking.

DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION! If you do then I will beat you up because I made this.
So, I sorted this out and now there is an Icon of Colourless, using the Idle pose. And it is Animated.

DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSON! If you do, I will beat you up because I made this.
I finally became bothered to upload this! Now there are sprites of Conner with his hood on, arms need to be gotten from the main one though. I'm too lazy to put them on this one as well.
Her sprites are currently a WIP and this is what I have made so far.

She is very, very old and doesn't seem to be able to die. She is able to fly, as seen by her 1(currently)flying sprite, and she is able to run as fast as Sonic can.
May add more sprites over time, as well as creating the other character Sprites for the ones in the other sections of her Team thing.
January 15th, 2016
They Need Some Shading Dude ):/
January 11th, 2016
Hired To Sonic Party
Well Your Hired AssassinPerson
I actually made the Sprites from scratch so I will confirm that they are 100% custom by me. And in a gif already so you don't have to do it yourselves.
I was playing around with stuff on MS Paint and another piece of downloaded software and then I ended up creating the sprites for this. Thanks for looking, goodbye!
Adarna the Pichu
NAME: Adarna
GENDER: Female
AGE: 15
LEVEL: Unknown

APPEARANCE: Unlike a Normal Pichu, her paws have some sort of brown socks on them as well as a purple gem above both. The black fur on her neck is also noticed to be more spiky as well. Her ears have a strange black pattern on them and also appear to be chipped. She has an area of blue fur which is kept away from the rest of her fur with a strange purple band. She also has longer head fur which sometimes goes over her right eye, yet it doesn't actually hinder her ability to see. And her eyes are also magenta. The back of her ears are all black as well.

PERSONALITY: Because of what had happened, she grew to hate humans quite a lot. Despite this, though, she can actually be a rather good friend-until-the-end and is sure to help you if you need it. She does show to be rather nervous when meeting new Pokemon, and it may take time for her to get used to you. She isn't a fan of mean Pokemon either, and will start/join arguments to say what she thinks is right, even if it isn't actually correct at times. She is also a good teacher to newer Pokemon of Guilds and is sure to be a good guide if you need a Pokemon to do so.

EVOLVES?: She is unable to evolve.
SIBLINGS: She does have some, but they aren't mentioned and are probably not like she is.

BACKSTORY: She was living a normal life with her family, thinking that nothing would go wrong. It was one day in which something did go wrong, for strange people came and found where her family was living. These people were scientists who wanted to see if they could create the perfect dual-type Pokemon hybrid and thought that using Pichu as a starter thing would be a good idea. After many days of not knowing what problems she was in, Adarna finally managed to escape on her own. She wondered about for many days until she found Paradise, which seemed to be the perfect place. After nervously telling a Pikachu and her Snivy friend about her situation, the two accepted that she needed somewhere to live and let her stay in Paradise with them. She got to know the two well and made other friends, but one day she discovered that she was able to learn Dragon-Type moves which wasn't usually what a Pichu could learn. She used this to her advantage and made sure that she was able to shock any unsuspecting Pokemon who wouldn't expect her to use a Dragon-Type move.


OTHER INFORMATION: She does also have a sunhat that she can usually be seen wearing, but not always. She is also part-Dragon due to what happened, but doesn't tell anyone about it. She is good at keeping secrets as well. For some reason she has the stats of a Pikachu even though she is a Pichu, but it is probably due to something special about her. The gems on her arms and legs seem to be the main source of her power, and they are unable to be broken. This is due to unknown reasons. All stats are based upon real ones for Pikachu and have been researched very carefully.
Chips the Red.
Name: Chips
Gender: Male
Looks: He is unique, for his fur is red! His eyes are magenta.
Personality: He is the feisty one of the lot. He rarely ever listens to what other say and will do his own thing a lot of the time, making him get into trouble quite a lot. He doesn't have the best reputation around Treasure Town either.
Evolves into: Espeon
Siblings: Fish is his brother
Crush: A slight one on Sugar
Other: He is actually younger than Fish is, despite it seeming like he is the older of the two siblings. Also, they keep their sibling relationship a secret to all of the other Pokémon.
This is Secret the Eevee, she has only recently been able to go free again, from the place that she had been trapped in before. She doesn't trust other Pokemon or Trainers, and so her catch rate is much lower than that of a normal Eevee. In the PMD Universe, she remains a Pokemon you can only see in one certain Dungeon randomly, but she won't actually attack you so she is just there as a Pokemon who doesn't say much if you speak to her.
This is Millie the Cat! She used to be an Author Character, but isn't anymore. I may use her if I ever seriously have to do so.

Millie has a British accent, and she is a rather curious cat as well as really good to have as a friend. She sometimes seems to do things without thinking, but really she will do it because she thinks that it is the best thing to do. That can get her into trouble as well. She only sides with who she trusts, and will fight against Eggman whenever she has the chance to do so.
Yes, Conner/Edward does drink. Don't complain about it. And also, he has technology he doesn't know how to use in his room. And SO MANY CATS! For some reason, he likes cats. Don't ask why though XD
Meet Conner/Edward!
Conner/Edward is a British Assassin, and a good one at that. He is known for speaking without thinking and does get interested at strange/loud noises. He has no special powers because he doesn't need them, but he is a skilled fighter. In these Sprites, he has no hood, but I will make a page of Sprites with Conner having his hood up, as well as having hidden blades actually being visible.

Yeah! AC Logo Colour Pallets FTW!