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Void: The Guide to a Healthy Relationship

Apollo is an overly-friendly, night owl with an affinity for parties, and getting drunk. After being dumped off somewhere by his drinking buddies, he has a fateful interaction with someone bearing an uncanny likeness to his late childhood friend. Once he sobers up and realizes the situation, Apollo returns to confirm this person is indeed who he thinks they are, at least that's what he hopes. They have to be, right?!
Apollo begins desperately trying to rekindle the friendship which was ruined so long ago, being the bestest best friend ever! Unfortunately this person's life is more complicate than he can ever imagine.

Will Apollo be able to better this person's life, as well as fix his own destructive lifestyle habits, and avoid repeating past mistakes?

I dunno...

This is an experimental side-project, so updates will be sporadic.


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Hey peeps! I'm so sorry this isn't a page, it's going to be a little more time. I really want to build up a few pages, you know.

Anyways! If you enjoy the artistic process, seeing sketches/WIPs of work, or if you want to see what's up with 'Void' ahead of time. I recently posted the cover and first page sketches, and lineart of chapter 2. The tier to gain access is only $1 or more if you choose to contribute more.
I will also be posting 'Void' related sketches and WIPs, some of which may pertain to upcoming chapters.

As far as the answer for the question about bad artist habits and my suggestion to improve them. I am still finishing it up, if you want to see how it's going here is a link to a picture of the text bulk. I'm SUPER sorry for the delay!
http://voidwebcomic.tumblr.com/post/155959283975/remember-the-question-i-got-on-m y-comic-qa-about

Thank you all for your patience! 'Void: The Guide to a Healthy Relationship' should be back soon!
January 11th, 2017
The real answer for the last question is turning out to be a resource dump, advise combo. So it's going to take a little more time.

The drawing for the first answer might look weird. I was going to show a drawing I did when I was 3 years old, but couldn't find it for the life of me. Normally my mom shows it to me every month or so and we both can find it with no effort, but of course I can't when I actually want to use it.
January 10th, 2017
Hope this doesn't look as awkward as I think it looks.

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January 9th, 2017
Whoo, sorry for taking so long, life legit would not let me do ANYTHING for a couple weeks. Working though the weekend last week didn't help.

ANYWAYS! I hope this turned out alright, I'm trying out different lettering so it may be a little iffy to read. The rest of the answers (or most, if nothing happens) be out tomorrow.
December 23rd, 2016
@Evanescent-Penumbra: Aw, thank you for reading! I'm glad you like the comic so far. ❤
The coloring in this comic is amazing, and the characters are great - very realistic~
I can't wait for future updates, and thank you for sharing
December 22nd, 2016
Alright, I couldn't wait. Figured I could post this now and upload the other thing on my usual time.

Sorry for the anticlimacticness of this ending, I wanted it to be just as lame and floppy as Apollo is.
Here is a long representing Apollo's entire day.


@i'm kohane: Ah, you're spoiling me! Thank you very much! xD

@polarcomics: That would suck if he did! D:
Is his black haired friend deadd orrr somethinggngg??? ;o;
i'm kohane
December 18th, 2016
Oh god yes! ♥ I really love the way you color. I wish I had so much talent with color pencils as you do. I mean, I'm re-reading everything 'cause the art is so pretty and nnn I can't stop. ♥
December 18th, 2016
One more page, gaz!

Very few know, Julian isn't bilingual but in fact trilingual! He can speak Russian, English and drunk gibberish.


@i'm kohane: And more you shall have!

@Bella: Aww, thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying Apollo's good life choices so far.
I am literally so in love with this story, holy hell. You are so talented and I'm loving how the story is going. Please keep up the good work, I'm really looking forward to the next page :)
i'm kohane
December 17th, 2016
Awww I want more. ;^;
i'm kohane
December 17th, 2016
Oh, sweetie. ~It's~ funny. I almost died loling.
December 11th, 2016
@elleesttrois: Thank you!
December 11th, 2016
@elleesttrois: Thank you very much for the compliments!

Oh man, it would be so cool to be able to do that someday! I might look into some self-publishers, but it depends on how well received the comic will be.
December 11th, 2016
@inuyashagrl23: Ah! Sorry I didn't reply right away.

Yes, they're all friends!... for the most part. xP
December 11th, 2016
Recorded: Apollo's first shower in who knows how long.

Are any of you getting tired of the horribly slurred speech bubbles yet?
December 4th, 2016
Gosh, I gotta get up at 4am and I insisted on staying up to post this at 11pm.
I'm gonna die tomorrow!

Sorry if this page is kinda ugly. I rushed it to finish on time.

If you're wondering, this is the song Apollo is murdering in the last panel:
It's all stunning. But the circle w/ the light, so lovely.
OMG. You are TALENTED. Just the perspective, looking down on the scene, is so perfect.

The colors, the characters...amazing.

I hope you publish and sell at cons.