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A conspiracy is occurring to the members of the famous fighting tournament that takes place all throughout the galaxy, the Galaxy Wars. Just what is happening to the fighters of this competition?
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I can't wait to see his special training.
Yay update! i love the second to last panel. It hilarious!
I love that last panel. That eye is totally cool.
Love the action shot. :D
Its comics like these that need more do some really cool action scenes.
hahaha thanks. i'd like to go to the beach sometime soon too. I'm sick now though :(

I'm always sick.

Thanks for checking back. I'll have the new pages up soon. Also though it is really late Present Day's next issue will be up some time soon.
OMG!!! It's so cute. I love the colors. Hmmm I wonder why those two are wearing jackets in the sun but I guess i'll find out soon enough ;D Aw everyone looks like they're having fun. Maybe i'll go to the beach (even though it looks like it's going to rain today lol)
tempest! long time no see!!!!

How are you?
What have you been up to? I hope everything's going great.
Thanks so much for reading this comic. It's so lonely here ^^

I really appreciate your comments.

I'm trying to update again but I'm working on some other comics and junk.

Thanks for checking back!
See ya!
OMG!!!! You're updating again! It's been a long time since I checked. Aw they were so cute as kids. I really like the last panel of the comic. It brings a lot of emotion and really opens her up as a character. Keep up the excellent work. I'll check back more often to see if you're updating.
Yay cute page! I like their expressions in the last panel. Aw and how sweet is it that he checked up on them!
Yay new page. (A welcomed surprise after not being able to get on a computer for most of the summer.) Hee hee the first panel is so cute. I love the end of the page. Those guys are going to be in so much trouble, but then again they're going to make a lot of money so it must be worth it. (Also I liked the way they changed the poster. It's smart and cute. I would've never thought of that.)
Really nice art!
Yay cat girl. ^_^Cant wait to see more action.
Yay! they are off to the finals! i can't wait to see what other species there are. and some more of the fights.
hahaha! i love this page too :giggle:
love the outfits :D
I love this page too. Hee hee! I love Kitty Kara's expression in the second panel!
I agree with Aqulio- love the expressions and the smugness!!
Hmmm. Where did she get the money? Maybe she's secretly rich. (I wish I were rich... or at least had any money. LOL) Oh and I luv that guy's glasses!
Making up science IS fun. So is making up statistics. 83% of all people know that. But Aquilo is right, kara is awesome. So is this page. ;D