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PMD: Tales of Elysium

Tales of Elysium features a fresh take on the Pokémon universe, offering audiences a darker and more mature view on the Pokémon franchise than ever before. Our comic is currently hosted on SSP Comics bi-weekly (Tuesday and Saturday): Tales of Elysium

Inspired by the extravagant universe of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Tales of Elysium follows the story of Leon and Vagus in their search for answers in the mythical land of Elysium and the secrets that lie in its past, present and future.

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@PJSam: Also, doing that won't kill him cause he's a water type.
As H.L. Mencken once said, "when someone says it's not about money, it's about money."

Finding Vagus' dad's name isn't about revenge, it's about revenge.
@Wysl: That thing works?
@PJSam: They can't because he has the only compass.
Would someone toss this fucker over board already!?
"Tell me, I won't get mad."
*Pure lies I've heard many times*
March 26th, 2017
A question
is he lying to stay alive, or because despite being one, he never felt like one with his sickness?
Oh he is adopted ain't he?
March 26th, 2017
@PJSam: I would assume there's a specific reason that they didn't do that. Laconians are generally considered to be very dangerous. It wasn't an unwise move to incapacitate him beforehand when they suspected he was. Especially considering Theseus apparently knows Vagus' father.
All aboard the hate train!
Destination: Thesus
March 25th, 2017
Well aren't you just a giant fuck-stick? Also, you think you should have asked if he was a Laconian BEFORE YOU STABBED HIM WITH THE FUCKING LANCEA?!?!?!?!?

You know he's friendly, and yet he's a monster? If you asked me if your insane or stupid, I'd say Damn Skippy!
March 22nd, 2017
I'm still at a loss as to how he's going to accomplish anything while stabbed and laying on the deck wrapped in a chain.
March 22nd, 2017
@Charvi: Finally someone who agrees
March 22nd, 2017
"basically means a freak." Wow rude. Us freaks have our own rights. Don't be raciest.
March 22nd, 2017
...Ouch, that would hurt to hear...
March 22nd, 2017
@PJSam: But Ollie tho :c
The rebel threat went down to -25 percent
March 21st, 2017
Looks like they've changed their minds about this being a bad thing to do.