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PMD: Tales of Elysium

Tales of Elysium features a fresh take on the Pokémon universe, offering audiences a darker and more mature view on the Pokémon franchise than ever before. Our comic is currently hosted on SSP Comics bi-weekly (Tuesday and Saturday): Tales of Elysium

Inspired by the extravagant universe of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Tales of Elysium follows the story of Leon and Vagus in their search for answers in the mythical land of Elysium and the secrets that lie in its past, present and future.

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Oh shizzle. Thessus is a dead b**** soon!
A spear? I thought it was a torture device.
@Mystic Fire: rest in spaghetti
I was sitting in the living room and evetyone was talking around me and when I got to the page I nearly dropped my phone as I yelled "No! No! You basterd!" When I noticed the room was quiet and I glanced up and everyone was staring at me and my mom finally says "Jezz we don't have to have spaghetti then you didn't have to scream about it!"
And I was to embarrassed to tell her the real reason
At least they tried to warn him.... Somehow
Y'know... Theory time, but I think I get what this is. Laconians' wounds heal quickly, as previously established. Theseus most likely knows this.

This is the test. Theseus is testing to make sure Vagus is Laconian right now.
Oh boy
I smell a mutiny.
His heart
Thesseus plans to take his heart. Our of his chest.
Weeeeeeeeeell, it was a spear, not a knife, buuuuuuut I guess I was right.

Leon get your book and beat up Theseus with it!
Noooooooooo VAGUS!!!!
...Well, that escalated quickly. bastard...

you fucking bastard...
aw, poor Olly

and Vagus too. rib stab, ow
Bad Theseus!
No cookies for you >:(