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Adventures of KT

Adventures of KT

by MrNinja3322
My name is 01001011 01010100, but you can call me Katie... and I... am a hero.



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3 Years Ago

Adventures of KT

My name is 01001011 01010100, but you can call me Katie... and I... am a hero.



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What's This?!
First off, big thanks to you guys who showed up to VanCAF... and an apology to those of you who ended up here via my business card, which you took, mistaking it for Luke McKay's. Write to me if you want to reach him.

While AoKT's long story is all written, it needs more polishing. So, here I am, making a 20-page comic book called, '404 Money Not Found'.

No idea how often I'll update, but I'll try my best.
March 7th, 2016
@Scoops: Oh, excellent question!

KT's character design actually came from a variety places. Her initial design was intended to look kind of like a fairy, or a Tinkerbell-esque character, but also kind of a bad-ass with an electrical Gauss gun.

So, by doing so, I gave her this turbine ducts on her back and body armour. Her armour is a bit like that of Stormtroopers, but not quite.

The arms and legs armour, though... Some Halo? It doesn't look like it's from Halo, but it kind of fits the motif.

Her dress is actually based on a real dress that I designed for a friend. This dress was specifically made to have pockets strapped on by the shoulder straps so that the dress didn't droop due to the weight of the pocket contents.

Her two dress tailfeathers are USB sticks.

Her kneepads are keyboard keys, "K" and "T".

The circular earphones and coloured in cheek groove thing... I just always thought that androids inherently have them. I'm not sure why I threw them in, but it stuck.

The neck lines come from the Sternocleidomastoid muscle. I thought it was a good physical characteristic to have as a robot when I was watching One Punch Man and saw Genos.

Her overall environment is somewhat of a reminder to that of Tron, but I didn't realise that until after it was pointed it out to me.

Her collapsible rifle was partly inspired by that of the show, RWBY, in which the main character, Ruby, has a expandable sniper rifle scythe weapon that turns into a small rectangle.

Cyberpunk is a great way to describe what I originally thought I was going to make, but it's kind of like that, but also not, because I lack the punk part.

Hope that answered your question! If not, or there's other things you want to ask, feel free to do so.
Cyber punk ?
I was wondering where you got the inspiration for the design of KT, is it cyber punk or something ells?
March 7th, 2016
The Stuff to Know
So... I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out, and I'm hopped up on Codeine.

So, there's no fresh comic this week.

However! I am doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in the comments below! You're free to ask anything, KT related or not, plot related or whatever. Beware what you ask, though. Spoilers may be present.

and a bit of an update:

As a resident of Vancouver, BC, I will be trying to make it out to VanCAF (Vancouver Comic Arts Festival) in Mid-May, for one of the two days of the event, hanging out with Luke McKay (of Balls 2 That) and Enzo Santos (of Cheer Up Emo Kid).

I'll also attempt to go to Vancouver FanExpo, but that's kind of in the air.

I'm also moving updates of KT to Thursdays, as it currently collides with my job at the campus newspaper. So, the next page you'll see here is on 17th.

Cheers! I hope to see your questions below!