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Monomi is a fantasy drama focused around a school of scribes who find themselves under the tuition of the young prodigy Daisho. Meanwhile, outside the small city in the mountains war is coming.'The Brothers of the Land' an army of common men, plan to join the world as one and remove the social hierarchy created by the ‘gifted’ with an unconditional genocide on the worlds blessed.

Daisho and his class soon find themselves faced with eradication. Struggling in a world where they are no longer the gifted but the cursed, they must find a way to fight back against the Brothers and against their own past.


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April 20th, 2017
April 17th, 2017
@Paperplate: Thank you so much :') You're doing a wonderful job!
April 16th, 2017
@bucketsofwhat: Thanks for letting me know! I've reuploaded it and it seems to be showing up now :)
April 16th, 2017
Hello! Page 43 hasn't come up since you first posted it. Do you think you can try uploading it again please?
April 15th, 2017
Page 44
Lao fu 1- Daisho 0


Sorry for the delay folks! I've had a lot of stuff happen this week (and now i'm full of cold.) So i'm a little behind with my buffer.
April 6th, 2017
Page 43
Welcome to the Glasses Brigade of Scribe Town.

I spent a while wondering if Oracles should have glasses for their third eyes too.

Want some free art and early comic access? you can come join me over on Patreon -

Commissions are open too :)
he is planning something... can't wait ;)
March 26th, 2017
Bonus -
March 23rd, 2017
Hey folks, I hate doing this but there will be a delay on the page this week. (hopefully it'll be up Monday and we'll have a double upload week!)

There are like 4 billion characters in the next few pages and I didn't have faces for them so the page isn't finished and I don't want to half arse it because i'll just have a page of people that look like donkeys (which considering I can't draw Donkeys is impressive.)

In the meantime, enjoy this WIP of a post of Daisho. It's /kinda/ spoilery but we're not far enough through the story for it to hint at anything. I just wanted to draw a sweet background and cut his hair.

I also have a patreon, which currently has the wip of today's page if you really wanna see Donkeys, come and donate?
March 20th, 2017
@Guest: You best strap in tight then, things're gonna get rocky!
March 20th, 2017
I ship them now. Moisho will set sail!
March 15th, 2017
40 pages!
40 page folks!! woooooo.

Lao fu throwing down some sick burns, scribe style. While Daisho has another internal breakdown.
March 9th, 2017
Daisho is nothing if not polite.

I'm also now regretting designing such awkward clothes.

Also, a awesome reminder that I have Monomi merchandise for pre-order over at my shop!
March 2nd, 2017
Chapter Threeeeeeee!

Nothing like traditional formal clothes and hair sniffing to start a council meeting!

Fun fact - Daisho is wearing the clothes he was originally designed to wear when I created him almost 10 years ago :O
March 2nd, 2017
@tiffpascal: Thank you so much! I tried to create characters who are each as awesome as the other. It's a great compliment to hear!
March 1st, 2017
I LOVE the art style and character designs. It's refreshing to see a blend of aesthetic influences and different facial features. A lot of comics contain characters that all look the same except for hair and eye color. Wonderful expressions!
February 16th, 2017
End of the chapter! omg!

Maybe one day we'll find out what the story involving the horses was? feel free to suggest your own.
February 16th, 2017
Hey look, Onna has a personality! Background character no more!

For a chapter titled "The Exams" no one really took any.
February 9th, 2017
Tobu is suspicious this is a trap. Tobu is suspicious most things are a trap but carries on anyway.

Welcome back to Daisho's class.
January 17th, 2017
Tobu's head is forever alternating size. I imagine it's her brain thinking up clever comebacks.

Also I was sad that most of the bubbles covered up the top panel so have an unbubbled version here:

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