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Good Morning Starshine

Good Morning Starshine

by goodmorningstarshine
What happens when a couple of aliens are picked up by a group of accidental outlaws, and a stolen genetic experiment?

A journey for a lost ship, interplanetary hijinks, and a lot of back talking.

Weekly full color updates.
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2 Years Ago

Good Morning Starshine

What happens when a couple of aliens are picked up by a group of accidental outlaws, and a stolen genetic experiment?

A journey for a lost ship, interplanetary hijinks, and a lot of back talking.

Weekly full color updates.

Recent Comments

Ann: What’s this? An on time update??? How uncommon!
Ann: Someday, somehow, I will draw satisfactory backgrounds, until then, I hope this very blue blob of a room will suffice. :’D (what is perspective, save me)

Rune: *strolls in 2 months late with starbucks* What’d I miss?
Must be in heaven
Another page so soon?!!!! It's a miracle! I'm so happy!
Rune: Both Ann and I got knocked flat by sickness last week- so, er, here’s the next page! Yet again we’ll try to get back on schedule this time. Enjoy!
looks like the guns in the other hand now
Ann: FINALLY. I hope you guys think this was worth the wait! :’D We’re slowly working on getting back on track~

Rune: Okay yeah, we’re a little behind… BUT ARE YOU READY FOR SOME ACTION??? From here on out we’re going to try to catch back up, and I’ll slowly be trying to update the sites a bit and make everything real purty. Thanks for bearing with us, loves!
@goodmorningstarshine: yay another page!!! The facial expressions and humor are what I live for! XD
Rune: I dunno about guest, but I’m pretty sure it’s rude to invade someone’s ship. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@goodmorningstarshine: Of course you guys deserve it :) can't wait for more! (Instantly wishing that I had bought more stuff but happy I got the full sticker set of the crew)
@RaineDances: THANK YOU SO MUCH, for both of your comments! They were such a lovely thing to see this morning! We hope to have more for our next conventions, and we should be working on the next page this week! Ann and I are so glad you're enjoying everything, and we were so happy to chat! Thank you again~ <3 - Rune
I love this
I want the next chapter! This story is lovely! You guys have been doing such a great job!
Just started reading and I love it!
I just wanted you guys to know that I very rarely will make the time for webcomics but I'm in love with yours! I met you guys at Chibi Chibi Con this weekend and I fell in love with your character designs! The story is fun, the characters are wonderful, and the art is beautiful! I'm so happy I bough all he stickers, a bookmark, and the last chapter one cover! Now wishing I got more! I'm so excited to keep reading! (Oh by the way I'm also Dragon Age trash and have a hard time keeping up with hair dye) I'm also so happy you guys are engaged! Congrats! Keep making more chapters please! Lol
Rune: Are you ready for this? Don’t forget, our 1-Year Anniversary Celebration ends tomorrow (1/31)! You still have time to get your entry in!

Ann: *wobble bobble*
Rune: And then all hell broke loose.
Commenting! I think favoriting counts as following? Not 100% sure how smackjeeves works. ;~;
Rune: With the holidays and 2016 firmly behind us, Ann and I are hoping to get back to devoting our attention to the comic. And hopefully diving into the action soon will be a good apology! Don’t forget to look at our little 1-year celebration post on the previous page!

Ann: OKAY! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now- and seeing it’s a new year (and we’ve been at this for just slightly longer than that), now feels like a good time for this!


Finished art of one of your characters from both Ann and Rune! (So that’s two whole arts)


A sketch of one of your characters, ALSO from both Ann and Rune! (TWO MORE ARTS)

You’ve got to be following the comic in some quantifiable way (be it on tumblr, smackjeeves, tapastic, etc.) New followers are fine! (just… don’t follow and run maybe? :’D)
Either like, or comment on this post to enter
No bots!
1 entry per person
Winners will be chosen with
We’ll make a post and send messages to the two chosen winners- if you don’t respond in 48 hours, then we’ll have to choose another winner~
Giveaway ends January 31, 2017! Good luck, and thank you all so much for keeping up with our little space story!

~Ann & Rune ♥

Rune: Well, at least he knows how to make an entrance. :’D Ann & I have family coming in next weekend, so no page then. Let’s just say we’re going on a bi-weekly schedule through the end of the year, and pick up from there. Cheers! ♥

The holiday season is kicking Rune’s and my collective butts, and we’re having a really hard time NOT falling right into bed when we get home from our long shifts at our day-jobs lately. We’re trying, but things are a bit slow going on our end for now. We’re still plugging away at this chapter, but no update today.

Thanks for your patience guys~ We really, REALLY appreciate the support and warm reception GMSS has gotten so far.
Rune: Pokemon break over, we’re onto page 2! Er, that’s an interesting banner they’re flying…