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Grey Eyes

Mike Lawson finds himself on the strange world of Dwal.
But now the ancient Gate won't let him back through. Mike must try to find his place in this strange new world, and perhaps find it to be better than the world he came from.

A fantasy/romance with a touch of mystery. 18+ for adult language and situations.


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Good stuff is gonna happen in this chapter! Lots of good stuff. :^3

We had been keeping to a Monday-Friday schedule, but I'm going to go down to a once a week schedule on Friday while I build my buffer back up.
But if you're impatient for updates, you can get them early on my Patreon!!!
@Huntik13: Thanks a lot!
@Blackchick: Thank you~!
That a very nice tree...I hope that Terean isn't Luke up though....

Good luck job hunting! ^-^/
Good luck with your job search! ^_^
@Blackchick: Hahah, you are not wrong my friend, you are not wrong~ About Luke beating the crap out of him, anyway. ;^D
Oh, Luke...Despite what he has, he's clearly smitten with Mike too! He wants to see him again!
Is Terean trying to help Luke as recompense for ratting him out? Right now, it looks like he's gonna beat the crap out of him if he says the wrong thing in that last panel. XD
@Huntik13: Aww, I'm glad you think so!
I like Luke's sweet mode! =^-^= It's suit him better than a scary face!
That softened him up....
That's also the end of this chapter~! :^D

Chapter two should begin soon, but as I've mentioned on my Patreon, I'm on the job hunt! So updates may not be quite as regular, depending on how things go.
@Huntik13: Hahah, Luke has no reason to be nice, and he doesn't care if people hate him (we'll find out why later).
@Arcane Allusion: It's most likely a result of too much genetic manipulation, yes. Or at the very least it's a correlation with their 'type'.
But to be frank, we're not going to get an in-depth look or conversation on genetics, traits, and defects here. Because A) It's ultimately irrelevant and B) Mike (our fish out of water) really wouldn't care to ask, haha.

Thanks for the heads up, it's been fixed~!
Luke can be pretty fearsome when he's angry! 0o0 The elf does deserves a little scare, but I think Luke shouldn't push to much or he'll give the elf a reason to really hate him.
@MistyTang: Whoa, really That's so sad! T-T
Hmm, is the eye colour and consequent problems the result of too much genetic manipulation, or is it some other coincidental factor? What other traits are associated with it? Still plenty of questions! At least we get more Luke though.

Btw, not sure how worried you are over vagaries of spelling, but it is 'apothecary'. Just FYI!
@Blackchick: Good question! Probably not as this was one instance of snitching. Gonna take more than that to get her favor (for a big request like superior healing).
The question is, did her majesty compensate Terean (with the assistance of healing) for being a tattle tale? Otherwise, he's in for a world of hurt and blindness. ^_^'
@Huntik13: A genetic inconvenience, for sure.