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Final Light Prototype

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@Aline1: Thank you, I'll return on June, though probably I might open a new comic so people will have to go there
Not a problem, do what you need to get it where you as the creator want it to be.
I'm sorry, I'm also a noob here and I didn't see the thing to make a post, but what's done is done :'v
I wanted to tell you so you'd know and not feel like I abandoned you. I'm glad I'm getting receivment here on smackjeeves :)!
I'll be back soon!
Lol I'm loving the comic so far :) Nice work
That horse thing has got some lips O_O
Lol I like how he's yawning in the back :D
Lol I love the last panel :D
Ok that was some awesome action sequential paneling '0'
Lol I love that girl's sparkly expression.
Ship it.
Completely random but I appreciate artist who attempt to draw cars in their comics. Mucho kudos!
Soo creepy! I love it :D
@BraveHeartTatsumaki: Looks awesome! I love how you do the shading. :)
Oh it's soo cute :D I like it.
Lala is cute!
@Aline1: That's true, he won't look like the typical Gandalf, that's something I can ensure, otherwise I'll be like YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
March 24th, 2016
@BraveHeartTatsumaki: Ah but he doesn't have the epic old wizard beard... Just a normal one.
@Aline1: But Elderian already appeared in Hope 01 :0
March 23rd, 2016
At this point I am half expecting Elderian to look nothing like what she's likely expecting after being told his age...
March 22nd, 2016
Now that is a hopscotch board worthy of a legion.