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French's Fire Red Nuzlocke

A Pokemon Fire-Red Nuzlocke Challenge. Another one? Oh joy!

What's different about mine? It's mine.

I hope you enjoy!

Recent Comments

jojo.... gets to go on a bizarre adventure
This one single machoke has cause the hate all machokes
@Guest: She's a girl. XD
So is rum a girl or just a boy that looks like girl
By Bonzo I believe that you meant to put, “M*therf*cking D*ickhead”.
July 2nd, 2019
Oh damn french and brock just kissed
In my opinion poesie was the worst XD
@HeartinaRosebud: this is the real form of drama
gotta love that bunker continues to make me feel unnerved even in human form
@french-teapot: sorry. i just lost in smash bros.
I love your art! Especially your gijinkas!
@rodneysux69: Now now. Don't be an ass.
why the fuck was this todays update >:(
That's a really interesting take on a Doduo, I love her!
@HeartinaRosebud: They each 'activate' depending on her mood. I'll be illustrating it in the following pages. c:
What happened to Pippi's other head?!
It is some kind of... brainless?
Or is it some kind of doll?
A dramatic case!
I've never seen that coming...
This is truth of lost. People hurt and try push people away or come close
June 19th, 2019
Ok! No! French was trying to comfort you and you take your rage out on her? No I am not ok with this! We know you loved her but Chippo, you cant take your rage out on her like that. That is not at all ok
June 19th, 2019