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French's Fire Red Nuzlocke

A Pokemon Fire-Red Nuzlocke Challenge. Another one? Oh joy!

What's different about mine? It's mine.

I hope you enjoy!

Recent Comments

@Guest: Probably got burned. XD They'll survive though.
@Guest: Thank you! I'm so glad you think that! 8D
@Guest: Uh, well back in Celadon she said she was 16. So maybe now she's 17/18? I dunno, their ages aren't really important. c:
I am just wondering out of curiosity, how old is French, I am just asking out of curiosity and no other particular reasons....;)
I just love the transition of French and everyone in comic up till now, it shows that we have come a long way since the beginning.
@Arox: I don't know then. It's just fire types quite popular for nuzlockes, especially the comics on DA.
@Koal: I'm pretty sure most nuzlockers say he is the weakest of the starters, specially early.

I'm leaning more towards thinking is because he is cuter and most players favorite starter.
I used to have a dodrio on my first team, she was named bipbapbop and she was an MVP of the team, so I really relate to Pippi and I am really happy she is on the team.(unlike so people)
So are Randy and Bonzo just laying in that field that Chipo just burned to a crisp as smoking husks or did Reg just beat the shit out of him(which he deserved it if he did)?
What death hurt you and the fans the most so far?
I have two questions. One, where be Randy, that f&$king son of a bitch. Two, what do you think is going to happen when Chipo sees Blues pidgeot during French’ next battle with him, I mean is he going to lost it again like before?
So um a little poem for the little water fiesta master and the birdes with the mostes
@french-teapot: those death hit me hard I read all of these pages in a day thTs how heart breaking they were
Just an observation, if French just sent Matilda in to take care of bunker, and then have Chipo to take care of Bonzo, Chipo would not be a be grieving and be his happy self instead of being a major ass to Pippi.
Look, I do love my boy Chipo, but for god’s sake man, he needs to move on. Posie is doing just fine up there with Zipp, Riggo and Pepito.
You seriously named your FireRed Nuzlock Charmander CHIPOTLE?!

I did exactly the same with my starter in my first FireRed Nuzlock, which I ended yesterday!

Thanks to you I won't be missing my boy so much since I'll be reading you comic!
Big birdie
November 12th, 2019
That's the cutest little Dodrio I ever have ever seen in my life.
I don't really ever recall seeing a Dodrio on a Nuzlocke team before, so I'm hoping all the best for Pippi. ;v;