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A CYOA starring Metal Tails (Doll)
Sibling comic of


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What is with bluefiredragon and giant cheese wheels
> This comic and it's sibling comic updates again
> Tails Doll eats some creepy pasta.
sonice become the main charater again
Sonic decides to trust Kirby. Then merge with him.
>Tails doll does evil things.
Lava Chaos arrives and solves everybody's problems.
>Tails Doll: Go fly up to the surface. It's boring here.
Page 10's command will conclude in 2 pages time.

Wish every pages commands would fit together so beatufilly~
The Metal Tails dolls enter in through a portal from the future and merge into one giant Metal Tails doll.
silver appear and attack metal tails with something of beam
> The water turns to lava bevause no one likes water levels.
Shadow and Knuckles become the main characters again. But they're in Angel Island playing Chess in front of the Master Emerald. At least we'll finally get away from this place.
Metal Tails (doll) unfuses.

Sonic goes to the underworld to meet Iblis.
>everyone's tired of this watery place. Let's find a lava-y place instead.
<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo p28.png"/>

Due to time shinanigans page 10's command will conclude in 3 pages time.
Annoyingly. this page was excatly 500kb in size

Sorry for lack of updates. Works been busy.
Chaos Sonic is still alive and arrives to save the original metal tails while the copies hold off the pineapples. Then the story abruptly switches to Amy who just got back from vacation to see that someone burned down her neighborhood.