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Rococo's Atelier


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Nice color!
So I like the coloring/shading on this page, I think it adds quite a bit to the work. I specially like the coloring on dancing twins outfits and hair in the first panel; this gives them a "magical" sheen. I also really like the expressions on the characters in this page.
In my personal opinion I think the color adds alot to these pages.
Color is very nice, in my opinion.
The deep end
I am kind of jumping into the deep end when I choose this particular version of storyboard. I just hope I provide sufficient contextual clues to keep people engaged. A lot of it should be explain when Rococo actually sits down and start giving lessons but this is still two chapters away at the current plan.
Tumultuous Production
This page is part of my on-going experiment with color pencils. Although frankly the processing of finishing this page in general is anything but straight forward, unfortunately for me. I introduce two new character in this page I hope they will have bigger role in the future, Anna Ying, is Rococo's Waiting Staff floor line manager, "Z" is Tornado Zephyrian. They are both kind of a super heroines in their own right, none of the people working for Rococo is normal, I hope to let them show their stuff in the future.
This is a very nicely drawn page at many levels.
Pacing Issue
Chronologically speaking, this is the first time the subject of this comic being formally introduced, and being active in her own and not just being talked about by other characters. Two chapters 80 pages in, after two years. In hindsight this is frankly terrible pacing. I kept blaming it on the fact that I work full time but to be honest even if I am drawing this comic without having to work, I don't' know if I can keep up a reasonable pace or not. In my personal opinion, for the type of story I am telling, I thin k it would be best if I can do at least 10 pages a week, but I am not sure what kind of compromise I needed to make, but I just want my story to go places in a reasonable amount of time, since I have been building up a lot of characters and story ideas, but how to get to those places precisely currently eludes me.

Rococo's magic ribbon/ear thingy waggles from side to side when she is happy.
limited utility
I spent too much time on this page, this was storyboarded at least about a month and half ago, and still don't think I actually finished this page. It is when I decided to start redrawing individual characters in the crowd I decided I might I have gotten too far. There is a limit on how much I think someone should spend on an individual panel like that, because there is limited return from reader's perspective. There might be someone out there who was interested in seeing what random character you put into your crowds, but I think most would rather get into what's happening next.

This particular scene was inspired by a trip I made to California to visit my cousin about a decade ago. He took me to a place called a diamond jamerrie, and there was a famous bakery there on a Friday night where people are literally lined up around the block, I have never seen something quite like that before or since. Although its a little hard to imagine people lining up for just some bakery though so I thought I need to add some gimmick.
June 12th, 2019
time management
life really do get in the way, unfortunately. Job changes, additional responsibilities at work and at home are all stressors that makes it a bit difficult to focus on drawing comic. Further more, this and following few pages are a bit complicated so the release has been delayed. Once I post those pages it should be obvious. I was trying to see if I can finish this last part of chapter 2 all at once and post them, but it looks like I wouldn't be able to accomplish that. Nevertheless I should manage my time better.
Vivian and Satchel
I really like to deal more into the interactions between Vivian and Satchel, they are long time friends and had a strong rapport with each other, and Satchel often felt quite comfortable with bents and sharp criticism with Vivian.
Corbin (Guest)
April 29th, 2019
So story is quite interesting so far. I like the way you draw expressions especially on the main character, Vivian. Also lots of things going on, we have maybe ten new characters introduced. Everything from possessed toy bunnies to demon-fighting transdimensional power twins. It's alot going on to the point of being overwhelming. And this subplot with Vivians' nano machines (huh?) interesting but completely mysterious. So interesting, and engaging, but also it's true that to first order I have no idea what is going on here. That's not a problem, happy to see how these thing pan out, but if your plan was that things would "make more sense" -- well so far outside of "well Vivian wants a job and has teen issues with her mom" things are pretty confusing.

Also I realize color requires alot of work but I really like your color work. Maybe worth considering for some of those scenes like the "demon battle" scenes 2-21 to 2-23 for example.
Corbin (Guest)
April 22nd, 2019
What is that thing?
So I am not entirely sure what to make of this thing that appears to be floating around the room in the background of the first two panels of this comic and the last panel of the previous one. Is this supposed to be a hovering recording camera or something/? Hmm.
March 30th, 2019
@Dreadogastus: Ah, I am sorry about that. I experience some work changes and I ran into some issues with the next page as I change the work process, I will have something up by next week.
Hello, helloo-o-o
"Is there anybody in there?"
What is happening? Will the story be continued? I would love to see more of this innovative Mahou Shojou story. Peace. Out.
March 9th, 2019
I am late today.
Corbin (Guest)
February 25th, 2019
Didn't see that coming.
February 8th, 2019
the attack that drains all the color hahaha :D
February 8th, 2019
my god, the shading is stunning
Corbin (Guest)
February 4th, 2019
Our heroine apparently not much into wearing pants.
February 1st, 2019
The one with Eyepatch is Vivian's Mother, and hard working single mother with a secret past maybe.